Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Promote another Blog Friday!

I have been following Mystery Writing is Murder here for some time. Elizabeth has listed her other blog site, but the title through me off. I thought is was all about recipes and cooking. I visited Mystery Lovers' Kitchen the other day and was very surprised. It does have recipes, but oh so much more. Such as discussions on writing, new books, and ... I don't want to spoil the surprise. Take a look see, I think you will enjoy it.

Another good blog that I've discovered is Katherine's Corner, it's a good mixture. I think you will find her interesting.

If you like good old New England stories and pictures, give On Lorch Lane a visit. You should see the beautiful snow mixed in with pictures of the dainty sweater she knitted. Plus check out the beautiful Olympic's uniforms! (Not)

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do!


Journaling Woman said...

I am followers of Elizabeth and On Larch Lane both are great. I will check out the other one.

Agnes said...

Gonna check them out :-)
Have a great weekend Judy.

Mattenylou said...

Thanks, Judy! I just checked out Katherine and Elizabeth... so surprised when I got to the third one and discovered it was me!

Thanks, you're a sweetie..

Judy Harper said...

JWoman-I've seen your name, I just checked out your site. It really is good!


Lou-I think your site is the best kept secret around!

Together We Save said...

This is neat of you. SITS follower.