Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday-If You Could Travel Today, Italy!

Fishing Village, Burano, Italy-Judy's

Photo by Dan Heller

Pictures from Dan Heller site, Burana Venice, Italy

I decided to make Sunday's my if I could travel where would I go.  I will post pictures and information of what I would do if I were there.  Today it Burano, Italy.  I have always wanted to go to Italy, and even more so after seeing the movie Under The Tuscon Sun and after my nephew and wife went last year.

Aren't the houses colorful. They line the waterfront in Burano, a fishing village built on four small islets in the Venetian Lagoon.  It's crisscrossed by many canals. It's lace making is known throughout the world, a skill which flourished here since the Middle Ages. Plus, it's located near Venice! So visiting here could be a day trip for taking colorful photographs.

"The brightly-painted walls extend all through Burano, not merely along the principal tourist canals. They're not for sure "if householders are encouraged or even compelled to maintain their vivid colour schemes, or if it's all genuine local taste." Guidebooks suggest the painting began with the fishermen's desire to identify their own houses from the lagoon, which seems sweet but not particularly likely (the majority aren't visible from the water in any case). Burano certainly seems to an outsider like a cheerful place to live. Open doors and laundry drying outside in the lanes adds to the impression of a friendly and tight-knit community."

Wouldn't you just love to visit here?  The warm sun, the color and you can bet the food is great! Where would you like to go?


sheeza said...

its brilliant and awesome.
Italy is a place i never ever think of.....
nice pictures and inspiring too

Tesa said...

What a great idea! I love to dream about vacations. Right now I would enjoy going any place warm and if there was a beach even better!

I look forward to traveling with you next Sunday!

Agnes said...

I love Italy!
(been a few times...)
Love the photos, love the post...

Judy Harper said...

Sheeza-Italy is one place I do think of. When I was your age, there were many movies made about Italy, the romance, grace and history, such as "Three Coins In A Fountain"! Plus I grew up with Sophia Loren, which added to the mystic.

Tesa-It hit me that being cold and stuck here at home, wouldn't it be nice to travel? So I'm posting pictures of places I want to go or wish I could anyway, even if only for a day through pictures and words!

Agnes-Do you have pictures of when you were there? I wish you would share them! We can do like I've seen other sites-have a travel Sunday where blogs link to each other and share their post.

Agnes said...

I had a small photo album (Italy photos), but I think I left it at my dad's place...
Yay for digital cameras? (And scanners)