Friday, January 1, 2010

JUST ABOUT TODAY IN MY LIFE-The First Day of The New Year!

As I sit here writing, I'm thinking of last year and what the new year might possibly bring. I'm going to list what I learned and accomplished to organize my thoughts on it's passing.

1.  I learned that the fear I had of less financial earnings hasn't landed me on the street.  It's been tough, but I made it. Mostly in trusting for what I needed and cutting back, changing my lifestyle, and giving up some things totally.  On cutting back, I learned that some store brands are as good as name brands, except Bounty paper towels and Dawn dish detergent and of course my coffee.

2.  I learned that blogging is a lifesaver!  To interact with others who are going through similar situations has been priceless.  Then there are those who have taught me so much and listened, so important!  I've learned to, in 2010, go for my dream!

3.  I've learned that no matter if one of the worst things that could happen to me happened, I survived!

4.  Of course one of the most important insights is that no matter what, real or imagined, dwelling on it won't help.  Action is the key word.  That while people have good intentions with words, only a few carry through, so rely upon those few, count them as close friends and close family, give them your time.  The others only feel the thought is what counts.  I've read somewhere before that if you only have close friends that you can count on one hand, you're a rich person.

5.  Gaining the ability to laugh at one's self in an important gift.  I need to spend more time on this in 2010.

Today is a beautiful day here.  The sun is shining, there's enough wind to move the wind chimes so that I have a musically sound in the background.  I understand that tonight will be a cold one.  Below are some pictures from this past year!

Snow drift from the roof! Looks like a snow blanket!

Cooper, 180# Great Dane, enjoying the snow ( He is so funny, my daughter will place his leash around his neck, he then picks up the end with his mouth and walks himself to the car!)

Tink-Tink on a warm fall day by the window

The leaves just turning into their fall glory

A warm summer day being enjoyed by Bob the squirrel

Wouldn't we love to be here!


Agnes said...

What a great post. (I love Bounty paper towels by the way).
You're a survivor Judy, sometimes we find out the hard way how strong we are.
Have an awesome 2010 :-)

sheeza said...

wow fantastic. judy well i am not much aware of the brands but yes i can say blogging is great place to share yourself and i found a friend like u. this make my 2009 a fruitful year.

Happy new YEAr

Anonymous said...

Judy, you've had quite a year. Surviving an attack like you did is amazing and I'm glad you're okay. Here's to 2010 being healthy and prosperous to you and yours.

Stephen Tremp

Dori said...

Beautiful post! Happy New Year my friend :)