Thursday, December 17, 2009


Showroom , plus you can see my office through the window in back


Had to show the different styles of toilets available (the first one on the right we sell for $4,000.00. Why you say, well, a heated seat, a spray of warm water, and a lid that slowly lowers itself without the slap sound when it's dropped, etc)

I work for a plumbing supply house.  I'm their accounting and office manager.  I do the accounting for the corporate office as well as their managing company, and two branches.

This past year, we opened another location with the corporate being part owner and one other member.  Because accounting software is so expensive, it was decided to treat the seperate location as a branch, yet keep the books as a seperate location.  What this means is that with a branch, the main business absorbs money spent on branches, and that's that. But using the same software for two companies took a little preparing and planning as for every time the main company spent money on the seperate location, it had to be documented as money owed and money due.  I've spent two months on setting up the books and verifying all entries.  Today, I met with our outside auditor to be sure I'm handling everything correctly and the books passed!  Now I can relax and enjoy Christmas!  Though I do enjoy solving these type of problems.  It's gratifying to balance numbers and procedures.  I'm sure it's like fellow bloggers who do hobby work, such as  Mural Maker and Grannymar , when they solve their how-to dilemmas or writers who overcome their writer's block to the beginning or ending of a story, such as Adventures in Writing , Magpie's Nest and Ramana's Musing . When you see a zero and know it's balanced, glued that last "thingey" or dotted and crossed the last i or t, you sit back with a sign.  You look at the finished product and know it's a job well done.  I enjoy numbers, alway have, at times I can look a a set of numbers, come up with the total in my head quicker than a calculator.

Yet, I've had this plumbing problem in my house that's been sitting there for almost two weeks because I can't loosen a "thingey"!  People keep telling me it's really simple! Okay, I say let them come out and complete the task! Because I'd rather spend the day looking in my accounting books for a nickel rather than fixing the ballcock in my commode!

Are there certain tasks you like to do and rather than being a dread and unpleasant job you look forward to the time spent and have a warm inward satisfaction when you complete it?  Sometimes I read the blogs of  mommies 2 ToddlersMommy, Rocket Scientist & Drool and Mighty M and think how did they come up with that idea to do with their kids!  I mean these are young women who, I know at least one gave up being an attorney, to be a stay at home mom!  I'm impressed with how well they do the "stay at home mom's".  I know that each person, even if they don't recognize it, has a talent that they enjoy using.  While someone else shivers at the idea of doing the same project. What about you, what do you enjoy doing?


Agnes said...

Wow fancy toilets! :-D

I am quite handy, actually, (but I am not very strong) -- do you want me to come over loosen the thingy?

Judy Harper said...

Agnes-Yes! I hold it while you turn! I'm at my wits end because I know it can't be that complicated. I mean, turn and remove! I'm better with words, I think!

The Redhead Riter said...

I love that $4,000 toilet!

The problem with me is that there isn't enough time in the day to do all the things I want to, write, paint, read, cook, blog, craft, knit, crochet, craft, etc...

Judy Harper said...

Red-I know what you mean!

jenie said...

You have wonderful stuffs there!

and as for what you recounted there, I am a stay at home mom now too. I used to work in a tertiary hospital, truly a fast pace kind of life. I am a clinical dietitian then, visiting patients, do counselling and lectures, also at times a therapeutic dietitian in charge of the dietary department and the food patient with specific diet should take...etc, etc. There's so much to do then, yes fulfilling in the sense that I have practiced my profession, reached the peak of my career i can say...but now more fulfilled because I have a 4 year old molded in how I want her to be, respectful, caring, nice, smart, sweet...she's turning out to be the girl I wished to have ;) Right now, i'm thinking of going back to work, at the same time not wanting to leave her behind to a carer.

so...i decided to blog first and not think about it, hahaha.

i'm surprised about that "something" you said about my sites ;). they are mere widget things according to blogspot when i asked about it...but will go check on them again. you're the only one to mention it to me, what's your anti virus? Kaspersky is the best I had, and it detected the trojan I used to have here because of Paying Post. Thanks for letting me know, hope you can see my 3 other blogs soon, they're pretty more interesting than this one ;)

sheeza said...

wow beautiful... even great. i simply love your show room accessories. superb!!!

And congratulations and celebrations now you can enjoy the birthday of Prophet JESUS (hazrat ESA R.A) with full relaxsation.

Well on the same day our founder of the nation, our 1st president Quaid-e-Azam's 133 birthday too.

Dori said...

I loved seeing where you work :) And that $4,000 toilet is unbelievable!

Have a wonderful Christmas!