Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Circle of Friends

Awesomous Maximus Award

I have received two awards, the first is Awesomous Maximus .  I received this one last Tuesday, an infamous day for me!  So it helped me see something good come out of the day. This award was handed out by Stephen Tremp to" those bloggers who have recently visited and supported my blog and with consistent comments, insightful questions, and extending kind words and positive dialogue with other commenters".  He has a great blog that will totally make you question your existence.  I especially like his post on the THEORY OF EVERYTHING!  Check out his blog HERE

The Circle of Friends award was passed on to me by Lee from  Tossing It Out.  I've mentioned his blog before.  On Sundays, he posts about God, prayer, then he has interview and of course Friday's are about subject that usually creates good discussions! I'm happy to accept this award.

I'm to list five things I like to do and then pass the award to five friends and fellow bloggers.

1.  I like to read mysteries.
2.  I like to write mysteries.
3.  I like to blog.
4.  I like to spend time with my daughter and grandchildren.
5.  I like to paint.

1.2 Toddlers and Me shares her everyday life with her two toddlers Kora 3 and Logan 2.  She also showcases products that make family life easier.  Her latest post is about children's safety seats.  She's also funny and at times passionate about certain things!

2.Too many heartbeats Teresa is an advocate for the rare disease Dysautonomia or POTS.  This disease effects the heart rate, blood pressure and numerous other body needs.  It prevents blood from going to places when it's needed.  Teresa suffers from this illness. She is one brave lady!

3.Change of the Heart Stress Solutions, Marianna shares ways to reduce stress in our lives.  Her detailed account of why, what to do in keeping the body and mind in alignment is wonderful.

4.Gaelikaa Diary is about an Irish woman who married a man from India.  Her journey through a totally different culture is what she writes about.

5.Free The Word is a blog I've just discovered.  Anu is an MBA college student in India.  She also is a very good writer who knows how to add a twist to her stories, check THIS out to see what I mean!


Agnes said...

Congratulations Judy!

arlee bird said...

You certainly deserved this Circle of Friends acknowledgement. You have been there with me almost from the start. I've been impressed by the blog community that we have. In fact I was discussing it last Sunday in my Bible study at church when we were talking about the importance of being a part of a community.

Make sure you check out my interview tomorrow (Wed 12/9) with Athol Dickson. I reviewed his book LOST MISSION today. He is such an outstanding writer.

gaelikaa said...

Judy, thanks so much!

jenie said...

well surprise, surprise because i have another for you =) hope you come and see it for yourself, and grab it as well. you deserve it.

i was scrolling down your bloglist and kindda got sad when i did not see any one of my blogs there...you are linked in all 4 of mine since (i cant remember anymore). can you please link me too? ;)
life round me N you
earthy me

sheeza said...


Mighty M said...

That first award has a pretty great name! How are you doing??

Judy Harper said...

Agnes, Lee, Sheeza & Gaelikaa-Thanks!

Jenie-I have linked one of your blogs.

M-I doing okay. Still having a problem coming in after dark. Thanks for asking!

2 Toddlers and Me said...

Congrats and thanks so much! That Awesome Award is really cute! I'll be posting about my award soon.

Judy Harper said...

Me-You're quite welcome! I do so enjoy your posts!