Friday, November 13, 2009

Favorite Friday Posts

This is only my second entry in Favorite Post Friday!  It’s always going to be hard to pick just one, but I hope you enjoy this one It's Halloween.

If you have your own favorite post to share?  Visit Two Toddlers  , and Me to play along!! 

Happy Friday!


Mighty M said...

I will check it out!

gaelikaa said...

Very good, Judy, worth seeing again!

sheeza said...

:) i ve no toddler as a child .... but brothers


i love two toddlers and me! isn't it funny when you are blog hopping and you come to a blog you've never been to before and then find a shout out to one of your fav blogs? hmmm

small blog world

or six degrees of separation OR something like that - that's kind of inspiring a new blog post

anyhow, i'm seeing you on a few blogs so i hopped over to check you out!