Thursday, November 5, 2009


The company I work for is a small company, twenty-two employees all total.  The parent company is in Birmingham, with a branch in Anniston and Huntsville.  Being a small company, the employees end up being like family, which is good and bad.  Everyone ends up knowing more about personal lives than sometimes is necessary, at the same time, if you run into bad times they are supportive.

Have you ever met someone who's outgoing, whose aplomb is both high and low.  I mean she's so confident about her children and the job she does, yet she can also have such low self-esteem about herself.  She's an attractive and a really beautiful person.  In a way, she remind's me of myself at her age, sometimes the de ja vu' is scary.

Liz standing at the door to my office

She'll be the first to admit that she's had rotten luck with her husband choice.  About six months ago, she met a man that over the past months has really proved what a good man is like.  He's patient, so much so that he tempers her hyper side.  He listens and even reassures her when she starts feeling anxious about the relationship.  Because he does listen, without judging, she's learned to voice her honest opinion, she doesn't feel the need to agree with everything he says or wants.  Their relationship is give and take.  Saturday, November 7, which is also my Mom and Dad's wedding anniversay, Liz is getting married!

She deserves a new life with someone who loves her, with all of HER imagined and real faults, and will love her children.  Which he does and they have grown to love him!  I'm dedicating this blog to Liz!



Mighty M said...

How exciting for your friend! My anniversary is on the 8th!

sheeza said...

you really show a true spirit of friendship. My All heartiest wishes are with both, for your friendship and her blessed life.

Best of luck For her

Judy Harper said...

Happy anniversary "M"

Thanks sheeza,

I appreciate y'all's comments!

Agnes said...

Ah, how nice. I am happy for her, Judy :-)

gaelikaa said...

Oh, I do wish her all the best!