Saturday, November 21, 2009


Think I'm going to be lazy today and just post pictures, some of my favorite. I'm determined to do a littlehousework today, plus get started on a canvas rug (here)  for a birthday! So I hope y'all enjoy!

Shelby (granddaughter) & Jennifer (daughter) Easter 05

Sean (grandson) & Jennifer (daughter) Easter 05

Me and Christine (my niece) at the Captain's reception on our cruise 08

New Orleans skyline from the ship as we ready to leave! (it was in the 40's)

People on deck to watch the shoreline slide by as we head out to open water (notice the coats!)

Our room-the beds were comfortable!

The shower and bathroom is on the left past Christine's bed!

The center of the ship, with one of it's glass elevators

What a difference a day makes, notice the shorts"warmer weather".

Oklahoma Thanksgiving 08-Julie (granddaughter), Sean (grandson)
Shelby (granddaughter) and Jennifer (daughter)

All the grandkids Shelby (top), Scott, Julie and Sean

My sister Pam (wheelchair), my Mom and nephew Larry

Pam her senior year of high school

I loved this jacket!

Leave you with a warm thought!

He's actually in a hole he dug!

Ahh, to feel the warmth of the glaring sun today!


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Nice pictures, Judy! You've got such a cute family!

I'd like some really warm weather today, too! I guess I should be grateful that it will be 62 and sunny here in NC today--it'll be 50 and rainy tomorrow. Sigh!

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Agnes said...

Great photos Judy -- I love the photo of your grandchildren!

And I really, really love ships...

Have a great weekend Judy :-)

buhdoop said...

I'm being lazy today too. Beautiful family photos.

sheeza said...

nice collections of your family photos. so beautiful, i never venture these kinds of tours ever but i see that would be such an unforgetable fun .