Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It Tuesday Morning Writing Time

We had an addition this week on the Tuesday Morning Writing Time, MelRoX.  Please check out her story along with mine and gaelikaa's.


The first time Michael and I saw the house on Dover Street, we fell in love with it.  "Judith", he said, "This is the one."

The house was originally built in the 1940's by the movie actress Chezelle Mason, after she completed her last movie.  She only starred in twelve movies, though from what we understood, they were all she needed to be sought after by directors and producers of that era.  Her last movie appeared in 1951, "The Vanishing Woman".  And that's what she did, vanish.  Though later the news media discovered that she had



here's my feedback - i liked it. short and sweet with a twist

Jules said...

That house looks adorable. I even love the yellow color it is.

Judy Harper said...

Thanks! Y'all. I do appreciate the comments.

Mighty M said...

The house sounds like it is filled with lots of memories!!

Agnes said...

I liked it a lot. As I said, there's something about secret rooms... I like secret rooms... :-)