Sunday, November 29, 2009

JUST ABOUT TODAY IN MY LIFE-How Do You Determine Your Passions or Focus?

One of the suggestions on a blog I follow, "The Secrets In The Sauce", which by the way is a great group, I have their button should you want to find out how they help other bloggers, anyway, one of their suggestions is that you should pick one or two of your passions, hobbies, interest, etc and stick to posting about these topics.  This will create a following, especially by those who are interested in your subjects.  You should also be consistent when you post.  If you're going to post every day, post every day, or if you're going to post only once a week, pick a specific day to post every week.  I really liked one of their comments, "Now get up and sign off your blog, go out and get a life and post about that life".

I've been thinking about the idea of posting about one or two topics.  Then I got to thinking about some of the blogs I follow such as Elizabeth Spann Craig's Mystery Writing Is Murder.  She specifically focuses on how to create characters, or how to use your daily experiences in your writing.  So her main focus is on how to write, not just mystery but other genres as well.  Then you have Lee's blog site, Tossing It Out, that is a mixture.  On Sunday's he talks about God be it about how to pray or today's subject, "God Talks To Us.  Then on Wednesday he usually does an interview of someone.  Then there's mystery Thursday and I believe it's on Friday's he does a Tossing It Out subject that is meant to raise discussions. To read a another site that makes me think, I go to Ramana's Musings.  His musings aren't always specific subjects, but they're always geared to make me pause and think. Then if I want to have a brightness in my day I go to The Mighty M Family or  On Larch Lane or Rodman's Life.  Then I have two because of the cultural interest.. a teenager from India who is very mature and interesting.  I have spent time chatting with her and sometimes I forget her age, there isn't a feeling of age, just interest MelRoXx and the first time I read Sheeza blog, her passion for her country and it's people so overwhelmed me, Youth Parliment. Her posting is that of someone writing from her heart, tentatively reaching out, learning to express her views.  Then of course one I read because of her love for her husband and her husband's love for her.  They're going through a crisis at the moment, but Geoff takes the most beautiful pictures and Agnes writes such loving posts, Agnes Pages. And if I want the best recipes or how to ideas I go to, Helen's  and Grannymar's. And if you want a good scientific in laymen's terms such as Blackholes or Theory of Everything you need to check out Stephen Tremp.

I mention all of these because we read each others blogs.  Some are on specific subjects and some are not, yet I find them all very interesting and look forward to their posts.  Maybe a focus is just posting "Just About Today In My Life", throwing in some of the past or something on my mind.  As Lee says, "It would become boring to him if it were always about the same thing".  I also have a blog that I use for my Tuesday Morning and Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium. This past Friday on LBC we were to tell of "A Journey", I wrote about 1968 when I was in the Air Force stationed on Okinawa. This was during Viet Nam.  Okinawa had the B52's assigned there. You might find it interesting, go Here


Agnes said...

Judy -- there are no "rules". Wondering all over the spectrum is totally OK... I have to confess I know nothing about blogging and I like "casual" blogs the best.

... and thank you for the compliment Judy, you totally mad emy day :-)

saltsays said...

First of all...thank you so much for mentioning all these great bloggers! I'm going to have to check them all out.

From looking through your blog, it seems to me that LIFE is your passion! And in my opinion, that is an incredible thing to write about. :)

PS. I love your cats. :) Cheers from a fellow SITSta!

Helen McGinn said...

You just cheer me up. I think your writing is great and I'd find it hard to pick out any particular subject; that being said, I loved Friday's post about you in Viet Nam and your life there. LOVED it. Checked out the pics...awesome!

Judy Harper said...

Salt-they are great blogs. I look forward to their posts. Thanks for stopping by.

Agnes-Thanks and you're quite welcome. You and Geoff compliment each other so much.

Helen-Thanks! After I decided what type of "A Journey" to write about, going back in time to a period I found exciting and looked on as a great adventure, it was easy to write. Writing down the words, it was as though I had traveled back in time and was reliving the scenes I wrote about. I could feel the same emotions, see Okinawa as though I had just off the plane in the middle of a typhoon. I enjoyed the reliving of the past.

arlee bird said...

I do read your posts everytime they pop up on my GoogleReader. Otherwise I wouldn't have seen your kind mention of my blog. Thank you so much! And I appreciate your many comments on my topics as well. We all like to get comments I'm sure-- I even like negative ones as long as they're polite.
I enjoy the personal touch you give so many of your posts. Most of us enjoy peeking into someone elses life to see what their lives are like-- guess that explains the popularity of so many of these reality shows on TV. On my blog I've noticed that the hits on my site go up on my Wednesday "interviews and people features". It's fun to see the pictures of your family and all.

I like when blogs wander. I know I do it. It would get boring to just always read about the same things all the time. Surprise us!

I also enjoy your other blog "Creative Writer in Progress".

Keep up the great work you're doing!

gaelikaa said...

Thanks for the tip about the interesting blogs. I quite a few of these already! It's always nice to find new and interesting places to visit!

Mattenylou said...

Hi Judy, Thanks for mentioning my blog, I like that you included me in the "brightness in your day' group. I hope some of your readers will stop to visit on Larch Lane, too!
You posted so many great links to other good reads, too, and I'm adding them to my reader as I go through them.
Have a wonderful day!

Judy Harper said...

Arlee-Thanks Lee for your comments! I do enjoy reading your posts.

Gaelikaa-I hope you will go by and view the sites I listed. They're really good!

Mat-You site does brighten my day. Your lovely pictures are worth the whole trip. I hope others will go by and view it as well!