Monday, November 30, 2009


Tomorrow I will begin trying to post 30 posts in 30 days.  This is through the National Blog Posting Month, if you are interested in doing this go to NaNo and sign up.  I have been practicing in November to gear myself up.

It's a rainy cool, gray day here, and according to my mood, perfect!  Have y'all ever had a fellow employee out and out lie to your boss to get you into trouble?  Why are people that way?  It always surprises me when it happens.  I'm not sure what they're hoping to gain.  Oh well! Two more years and I can retire, I hope!

On to better things!  My daughter, who just went through a divorce, had her first "date".  I wouldn't really call it a date, they met for a drink.  She was excited as well as anxious as it had been twelve years since she went out with anyone but her ex.  This guy sounds like a nice guy, though she said she wanted to deal with her feelings before she searched for someone to be serious with.  I applaud her for that, because if you can't live with yourself, how can you live with someone else.  Of course, having been there and not taking my own advice, I can speak from experience.( lol) You ever notice how easy it is to give advice? 

My daughter, Sean and Shelby

My daughter and I are the best of friends.  I admire her, she's doing what she's always dreamed of, she's a construction project manager for a college in Oklahoma.  She's always been a physical person in that she loves sports and building things.  Her idea of having a good time is painting a room or the project she just finished, painting her kitchen cabinets.  This project took several months as she had to take the doors off the frames, sand, prime, paint and shelack or something like that.  Now me, if I do a project, I want it completed in a day.  Take for instance a project I started at 7:45 PM yesterday, a project that I was told would only take ten minutes.  Replace the ballcock on my commode.  I did fine draining the water out of the tank, did fine removing the "thingey" to release the tube the brings in the water to the tank. Even placed a towel in the tank to remove the remaining water in the tank.  Then I get to another "thingey" that screws up to the tank between the other thingey and the tank. I could not loosen this thingey! I broke stuff to get it out, it's still there!  Thankfully I had another bathroom to use.  Now I have to go home and try again tonight!  This is what I get for thinking I'm a plumber.  Just because I'm an accountant for a plumbing supply house does not make one a  plumber.  But I bet that if my daughter had attempted the job, she would have succeeded.  But then, if she tried to keep my companies books, it would have been another matter!  I happy writing, reading and doing arithmetic, she's not.  She's happy doing plumbing, painting and working out in the wet red clay, I'm not. Below are some of the jobs she's worked on and completed.

Cabinets in her laundry room that she painted


Agnes said...

Oh I love gray foggy days :-)))

That's great your daughter is your best friend. My mom and I were very close...

Oh yes, good luck with the daily posting Judy :-)

2 Toddlers and Me said...

Your daughter sounds like a very motivated person. What an amazing array of projects she's worked on.

I'm like you I need stuff done now, big projects frustrate me. Although I can see how people get satisfaction from completing a large project.

Mighty M said...

I love that you and your daughter are so close!

Good luck with the daily posting!!

Judy Harper said...

Me-I know, If a project drags out, I lose stuff or it gets misplaced. She is a very motivated person, yet she likes to play with the kids as well, I think, from reading your posts, sort of like you.

Agnes-I envy you, I'm close to my daughter, but I'm not close to my mom. You said were close, is your Mother no longer here? Thanks for the encouragement. I would like to try to post every day.

M-Yes, it's was just her and me until she up and did the unthinkable, went off to college, then married and moved in with her husband.(lol)Thanks for the encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Its great to have a family member who is a best friend AND can fix things. You are very fortunate.

Stephen Tremp

♥ Teresa ♥ said...

Wow! It looks like your daughter and my husband may be in the same line of work.

I don't know how long your daughter has been divorced but I pray she does take plenty of time to work through all her emotions and the pain of the divorce before she really starts dating. My sister married her high school sweetheart the Christmas after their graduation. They had been married for 17 years and had 3 children when her husband had an affair and decided to leave her. Sadly, my sister was so very afraid of being alone that she started dating very quickly after the divorce. She did not give herself, nor her boys (ages 9, 12, 15 at the time), time to heal some before she brought a new person into the picture. This was just a recipe for failure. Now just 4 years later, she is on husband #3, who is 4 years younger than she and has 3 children of his own and are much younger than hers.

The last four year have been a very rocky road and she has caused a lot of pain for herself and her children. The initial divorce was not her fault in the least. She was a wonderful SAHM and was always a lot of fun. However, she has changed so much and is now a very bitter person and is not very pleasant to be around most of the time. It all makes me very, very sad. I try to talk to her about it but she just shuts me out. She pretends there is nothing wrong.

Judy, I'm sorry to ramble on and on. I pray your daughter gives herself and her children time to heal some inside. There is SO much pain that comes from divorce. Sometimes people don't even realize just how much they are hurting.

I will keep her in my prayers. I'm really glad she has you. She is in good hands!


Teresa <><

jenie said...

first time here from dear redheadritter =)

i always admire writters...and im hoping to be a part of your blog as well. come visit all 4 of mine ;)
earthy me
life round me N you

Judy Harper said...

Stephen-Yes it is great that I have someone that can do repairs, unfortunately, she's 800 miles away!

Teresa-I appreciate your comment and I'm going to share with my daughter. We've talked about her not getting serious too soon. I think she will be wise to do this.

Jenie-I will be over to check your sites. Looking forward to getting to know you!