Monday, November 16, 2009

Ahhh, it's Monday!

Did you have to drag yourself out of bed or jumped up and greeted the day?  I love early mornings on the weekend because I can listen to the silence as I make my coffee, sit in front of the computer while I wait for it to stream through to the coffee pot.  Don't you just love the smell of freshly brewing coffee?  Then piddle around the house until my brain kicks in. Not so on Mondays!  It's hit the floor, feed the cats, etc, then off to work.
One good thing about today is that the sun is shining and it's going to be 72 degrees.  With the weather that warm, it only means one thing, rain this evening! Yep, rain.

I read a few good blogs this morning, if you want two very good and easy recipes, try Helen and Grannymar , especially  if you like Beef Stew with dumplings (never had thought of dumplings with Beef Stew) and Cranberry & Chocolate Orange Florentines!  I like these two blogs for that very reason, they're simple enough that I can even do them.  One has a hot chocolate recipe to die for "Hot Hottie" and "Chicken noodle soup with an easy homemade noodle recipe!  I tried the soup and Hot Hottie!

Just a glimpse of where I'd love to be right now!

New Orleans, LA along the bank as we floated down to the ocean!

My ship was the Fantasy on the right

Me in Mexico last January 08--Would love to be back there! Too bad the
the wind wasn't blowing!



Anonymous said...

My wife and I so want to take our kids in the Disney Cruise. We're making plans and saving money. Hopefully next fall we can do this.

Stephen Tremp

Helen McGinn said...

Thank you for the mention! That was lovely. Oh, I wish I was there...those pics are lovely. I am a huge fan of the sea.

I DID manage to have coffee and make some bread today, despite the illness. Fruit bread making tonight so I'll post the recipe tomorrow. :O)

Agnes said...

Yes yes yes! I love coffee in the morning.

Oh and I'd love to go to Mexico Judy!

Happy Monday :-)

Judy Harper said...

Stephen-I would love to take my grandchildren on the Disney cruise! I watched the Travel channel when they were doing a story on the Disney ship and Island! It looked like fun for all!

Helen-You're welcome. I love your recipes because they're simple and quick enough that I can and will do them. How are the girls? I'm looking forward for the fruit bread recipe.

Agnes-I know! I want to go back again. Being on the ship was great. It concerned me that I might become seasick. But I didn't! Not even when we were in a storm and for every step forward, it was two steps back or sideways! I didn't even spill my drink!

sheeza said...

judy whenever you talk about coffee you know the way is so delicious & yummy that i really want to grab my cup of coffee right that second.

i love coffee.