Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sixty is just the beginning Or so I keep telling myself, contd-October Birthday

In ten days I'll be turning sixty-one.  As I've stated earlier, I'm looking forward to changing numbers because sixty has been such a monumental year and not all events were positive either.  This year has been a thinking year, my brain has grown at least two inches.  I say this because someone told me that when my thinking causes a headache it means your brain is growing.

It's taken most of the year to accept that I don't have as many years ahead that I had in the past.  But I think I can still accomplish something with my life and enjoy what's left.  As far as retiring, that one is still out.  I talked with retired people, my mom especially, and their suggestion is don't retire.  It gets boring pretty quick.  I'm still nervous about the money, but God said "do not be anxious for He will take care of us", so I'm claiming that scripture.

I enjoy my work, I'm the accountant and office manager for the company I work for, a plumbing supply house.  Of course, it makes me think to know my boss's daughter was hired to learn my job.  I'm glad on the one hand, especially since because of her working there during the summers with me she went into accounting,  she will be a good accountant as she likes detail work as much as I do. On the other hand, I hope it will take five years for her to learn my job.  I'm counting on the fact that she just graduated this past December and she's only twenty-five so she'll probably want to get married and have children, stay at home a few years before I retire and then come back to take my job over completely. She'll be good at my job.

I also thought about retiring at sixty-two, but continue working.  I'll find out from Alabama'a Social Security department to see the limit that can be earned and still draw social security.  My daughter wants me to sell my house and come live with her.  I would like that except she lives in Oklahoma and I like living in Alabama where all my relatives are.   Could be one day y'all enter an Alabama Walmart and see me as a greeter.  They certainly seem to enjoy their jobs.

All of you young people, save your money!  Tear up those credit cards!  Listen to Dave Ramsey and follow his guidelines to being debt free!  Get a hobby and build on that hobby so you'll have yourself an enjoyment to look forward to, don't be a workaholic!  Of course, you probably think yourselves an exception and after all, it's still a long way off.  In years, maybe, but in hindsight, it's like the blink of an eye!

The sun is brightly shining here today, I have Max my cat laying on my arm while I type.  I'll be talking with my daughter soon.  It's Sunday and a great day.

Max and Shelby

Just a lily from my front yard

Mandy (black & white) China Doll (white with patches)


Mighty M said...

My mom has no plans to retire either (she's 62). I think it would be kind of boring after a while. Such great financial advice! I wish I had known better in my younger years!! Happy Sunday!

Agnes said...

Time flies, really... I can't believe it's almost Christmas time again...

I do like your financial advice Judy.

p.s.: Great cats :-D

MrsDoF said...

According to my S S records, I will be expected to work until I am 67 years 4 months before I can apply for benefits. That is almost 18 years on the job to go. Sometimes I think a Greeter does enjoy working more than I do.

However, my husband's job is with a state university, so we are sorta locked into his retirement system.
We have no debts, having lived within our means all our married life. We own the property, which needs updates and maintenance (praying that the roof makes it through this winter).

Now that a diffcult menopause is over, I'm looking forward to the next many years, whatever they bring.

The Redhead Riter said...

"limit that can be earned and still draw social security."

After about 66 you can earn as much as you want and draw full social security. I can't remember exactly the age, but my mom checked it out too.

Fear and Parenting in Las Vegas said...

Happy early birthday. I'm later this month too! You have a great attitude about your work and I'm glad that you find it fulfilling. It sounds like you've got a great plan ahead. Have a great one!

Megan said...

Good advice! We were going to take the Dave Ramsey class at church but I think we're going to have to wait till the next go-around. I've heard only good things about it, though.

Your kitties are too cute!

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!! =)