Friday, October 9, 2009

Just About Today In My Life-The DOCTOR!

Today is Friday and it was also the day I had to go to the Doctor.  Nothing wrong, except Dr. D won't renew my prescriptions without me coming to see her every three months.  I've tried to get her to write them for a year, even six months, but she won't.  It's only blood pressure medicine, and my pressure is averaging around 120/70 to 114/74, so I ask, why do I need to go every three months?

How many of you love to go to the doctor?  Not me!  If I get a cold, I buy over the counter medicine!  It's a virus and antibiotics won't work, so why spend the money for an office visit and a shot?  Dr. D is a very nice and very good doctor, she's not the reason for not wanting to go, I've always tried to avoid going to the doctor.  Sitting in the office with all those diseases!  Thankfully, the receptionist keeps germX on the sign-in counter.  I use it after I sign in and before I leave! 

And speaking of shots!  When I was in the Air Force, I was the NCO (Non Commissioned Officer-don't this sound impressive? Another name is Sargent) of the Immunization Clinic located at Kadena Air Force Base, Okinawa.  I gave shots, can you believe, but I dread seeing the needle head my way!

It's Friday evening and I've had comments about my cats, so I'm going to post a few pictures.  Hope y'all have a good night!

Sabby, he's a Manx see the bobtail, and in the background
is Colonel Mustard

Tink-Tink, the one that popped out of my suitcase

Max, Shelby and Sabby


sandy said...

I dread going to the doctor, especially at this time of year! The waiting room is always full of sick people! Makes me nervous!

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Agnes said...

I hear you Judy, I do!

On another note, your kitties are adorable :-))) I love cats :-)

Have a great weekend.

Jules said...

I don't like going to the doctor either. I haven't gone for a check up for a few years. I know I should, but keep putting it off. Thank God I don't have any illnesses that require me going.

MrsDoF said...

Your kittycats are adorable.
Ours never cuddle together like that, even though they are brother and sister from the same litter.

Our Oscar is actually a bit mean, which is why we haven't gotten cats younger than their 14 years.

giftsofthejourney said...

Sweet looking cats. Mine used to love the back of the sofa too.

2 Toddlers and Me said...

Great post! I agree with the other commenters that going to the doctors stinks. How interesting that you gave shots but don't like getting them. I always thought it would be no big deal to the people who gave them, interesting.

Thanks for visiting my blog and participating in Favority Post Friday. I like your blog, am now following and looking forward to reading more.