Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just About Today In My Life-Saturdays

It has been raining everyday for the past two weeks!  Today is one of those cool rainy days as compared to a hot and humid rainy day. It's a day of staying in, watching TV, napping or blogging in between loading the washing machine, cleaning the bathroom or vacuuming. Sound seems muted by the gray sky, thick wet grass and everyone staying home.  My yard if full of mushrooms.  I don't remember ever seeing so many!  And they're all different kinds, the red ones are my favorite.


These pictures were taken today of all the mushrooms in my yard.  I don't know their technical names, but they're really beautiful.


Mary @ The Writer's Block said...

Hi, Judy.

Stopping in from SITS.

You must be in the Southeast. I'm in Nashville and our yard looks like yours! Lots and lots of mushrooms. We are really missing the sun.

I love your canvas rugs.

Enjoying looking around your blog. :)

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Anonymous said...

We've got a lot of mushrooms too. I think I heard that the prettier they are, the more dangerous....haha! Go figure:)
But they make for nice photos, even if they aren't edible.
Have a great day!!