Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Grandson-Sean Boy

Shelby, Sean (note the mouth) & Jennifer Dec08
Sean-age 6
     Sean is 7 going on 7!  He's a social person.  My daughter was just telling me about how he asked if he could walk around the neighborhood.  She called because he came back with 5 "friends" from the neighbor to play with.  The ages ranged from 14 on down.  He never meets a stranger!
     My daughter has freckels, which she hates, and Sean has them also.  They're springled across his nose.  I watch him sometimes as he walks through the house or across the yard, he's in his own little world.  He touches or swoops anything that's in his path.  If he passes a radio, he'll push a button or if there's something lying in the floor, he'll swoop down, pick it up to see if it's anything of interest, if not, he flicks his arm and drops it back to the ground, then goes on his way, looking and listening.  He's a charmer, yet his hugs and loving comments are sincere.  I wish I could say he's like this all the time,  but occassionaly, the little devil on the other shoulder will jump in there.  Because his innocence and curiousity does land him in trouble.  At times he's serious and plans ahead, then there's days he's a bull in a china shop.  I can say, he only has two speed, race and rest (asleep only, no just sitting down for a few minutes).
     He and Shelby, my granddaughter, stayed a week with me this past June.  He was too funny, for example, you think he's only 7, right, except when we went to the computer game store, where he changed from a kid to a savey computer whiz.  I mean here he is talking with this 20 year old salesman about rams, and bytes and how much, is this a new game or a used game.  Well, it was more than he had, where upon he turned to his 10 year old sister with this plan of "her contributing and they both could play the guitar, etc, etc.".  While I was convinced, his sister was able to say "no".
He caught his first big fish this year and back in April 09 broke his arm playing on the monkey bars.  We teased him about this because he broke it in the same place as his sister; she broke her's roller blading this year as well.
My only child is a girl.  I knew what to expect with my granddaughter.  I was around my nephews, but being a few years since they were small, it has been an experience watching my grandson.  He's worth it though. He and my granddaughter are two precious gems of my life.


Feeling Fit With Dana said...

I have 3 boys, so I know exactly what you are talking about. Although they are all different, boys are just so BUSY!!! I'm sure that girls are probably just as busy, but it's a different busy :)

Cute Pictures!

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SupahMommy said...

sits sharefest stop by.. i have 3 girls!!

you have such love for them.. it's lovely to see.

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Here from SITS hoping that you are having a beautiful weekend!
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