Friday, August 24, 2012

A Snippet in Time-1952-It Had To Do With A Chicken!

Vernell Turner, 17-1947
Judy, Kitty, Poochie and Larry 1952-53

1940 Packard-The Car
1940 Chevy-The Car

     I don't know where we'd been, but we were headed home when it happened. I remember the car being maroon in color. Mother was driving, with me by the window and Larry in the middle. The windows were rolled down, with the wind blowing our hair across our faces. I was sitting on the car seat, slid back against the door. Larry was standing and leaning back against the seat.We must have stopped at a country store, because he and I were intent on peeling off the candy wrapping so we could eat it.  You remember the old kisses, pink for strawberry, brown for peanut butter and yellow for banana. Suddenly Mother slammed on the car brakes, reached her arm across Larry and me to keep us from falling against the dash. Larry still bumped his head with a plunk. It hurt him enough that he cried and I was scared.
     "What happened", I asked.
     "A chicken ran out into the road", Mom said.
     "Are y'all okay", she asked, as she picked Larry up and hugged him close, checking to be sure he was alright.
     Then she smiled and placed Larry on the seat, put the car in gear and continued down the road.
     "Next time, we'll just hit that ole chicken so you won't be hurt."
     In unison, Larry and I both nodded our heads and said, "Yeah, just hit that ole chicken."
What about you, do you have a "Snippet in Time"?


Arlee Bird said...

Great story and I remember similar things. My parents also had a maroon car--an old Hudson. Child safety was not an issue back then and thank goodness none of my siblings or me ever got hurt.

Wrote By Rote

Judy Harper said...

Lee-I've thought about that too. I wonder if child safety was such an issue, cars then couldn't speed like today, plus they were heavier and made out of totally different materials.