Monday, August 15, 2011

What Does A Sixty Year Old Woman Like to Do?

The GrandKids!

The Pets.....


I will soon be facing retirement, if I can afford to quit my job.  It's a scary thought as I've worked most of my life.  Growing up on a farm, helping out started at an early age.  Even if it meant standing and talking with my Grandmother as she churned butter.  Then came working in the fields, chopping cotton or any other crop.  The job I hated most was pulling bolls of cotton.  This was the last thing done to cotton.  We had picked all the fluffy white cotton, now we would come along and pull the bolls with the hard cotton.  I had to wear gloves as the boll stickers jabbed into the fingers, especially the cuticles.

When I turned fifteen, I worked as a waitress most of the time, at least until I graduated from high school.  At that point, I joined the Air Force.  Once I was discharged I did the usual woman stuff, fell in love, had a child, was left with raising the child alone.  So for a while there, I worked at a hospital, went to school and took care of a precious little girl baby. For the last forty years, I've been an accountant. I love working with numbers and I'm one of the left brain people who love to work with detail!

It's funny, but the perfect example of the difference between a left brain person of detail and a right brain bottom line person happened this past Thursday.  I was working up payroll on Wednesday, some of the employees receive incentive dollars based on the monthly profit. Technically I had run the final July statement on August 3, 2011, yet when I ran it again on August the 11th I found the profit had changed by $10,000 more.  Now I print off invoice registers, sales journals, etc and I can't see why!  I take the profit statement to my boss, he looks at it (it's a 3 month comparison report) and immediately says, I don't know why but June's profit is $10,000 less than it was on the 3rd. Which immediately caused a light bulb moment for me.  So here I spend all day on the detail so I can see the paper trail to make it to the bottom line and here his instinct is to look at the bottom line and sees the difference! And that's the big difference between people controlled by the  left or right, lefties follow detail, they are a step person and if you remove a step or don't allow them to follow their steps, they are hard pressed to find an answer or solution. While the rightie has a hard time with detail, they see the whole picture or bottom line in a flash, they just don't know how to get there easily.

All of this to say that I like reading, writing, Grandkids, pets and family history and, get this, I'm learning to love cooking. Now don't get too excited, at this point I'm just adding spices and seasonings.  I've discovered I love to cook with rosemary.  But it's a start as I never have liked cooking. Actually, I hate the cleaning up, which is waiting for me when I finish this post.  I am now a fan of "Everyday Italian", "Food Star", "Paula Dean", "Chopped", "Food Challenge" and of course "Rachel Rays 30 minute meals"! I'm also looking forward to the current Food Star "Jeff" and his show "The Sandwich King". What I like about most of these shows is that I can use their recipes! "Chopped" and "Food Challenge" might be more than I want to deal with, but I at least learn new spices and combinations!

I'm going to be writing about what I enjoy doing, sharing stories, thoughts and of course pictures. So goodnight and until next time.

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Grams said...

When I quit working full-time, at 53 years old about 5 years ago, I also learned to cook. In fact, my very first blog post was about how I learned to cook from watching Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart. I get most of my recipes from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food Magazine. None of the recipes has more than 8 ingredients. They also explain different cooking techniques. I recommend it.