Monday, August 22, 2011

Mom And Throw In A Great Sister-in-law!

Mom and grandson playing with water guns..

Mom, 1947. in her wedding dress

My sister-in-law hamming it up!

My sister-in-law, she is the "Beaver's" type of mom! (But a lot of fun!)

My Mom is eighty years old and still lives alone and takes care of herself.  I'm not sure what we'll do when she starts to need personal care. Mom can be a handful at times.  She does better with my brother more so than with me.  Usually he or I take her out to eat on Sunday, if LH isn't in trial and has to work all weekend. Which was the case this weekend.  My sister-in-law called me Saturday morning suggesting that since LH wouldn't be able to take her out on Sunday, how about she and I do it Saturday.  I agreed and gave my Mom a call, which means we spent five minutes trying to decide what time to meet as it didn't matter to her, "but she ate a late breakfast".  

Finally it was decided we would meet at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants at noon.  NH is more like a sister than a sister-in-law.  There have been times when people have thought we were sisters.  My brother chose a great person to marry. 

It was a good lunch, but it's like NH and I agree on, sometimes it's better to have two or more along when we take Mom out.  Negativity can be so draining and when there's two, subject changing can be swapped off, rather than having to walk on egg shells alone!

When we were kids, any trips we took outside of going to my grandparents was due to Mom.  She taught us games, painted our rooms and made our clothes. I know y'all have heard about clothes made from flour and seed sacks, well I had a few of those outfits. Mother could really sew, she sewed like a professional seamstress. She also taught us games and gave me Sears catalogs to cut out pictures as paper dolls, even took an empty Hershey's  metal container and cut seats like a car.  It was so cool. At some point she changed or I grew up and recognized her behavior. I really regret the difference. But thanks for sisters and sister-in-laws!


Agnes said...

god, i love these photos, they are so telling. your mom's wedding dress is so pretty :-)))

the wild magnolia said...

Family. There is nothing like them, eh? Wonderful family sharing. It is so good there are other's to help. Your Mom taught and gave so much, as many Mom's do, now she needs you. You all have stepped up to the plate.

Good job.

Caren with a "C" said...

It is nice when your SIL is more like your own sister. Makes for good family get togethers. We have such different perspectives as children. I've been thinking about times when I was a child and things were so much simpler. Best wishes to you and your family.