Saturday, August 27, 2011

Center Pork Loin OR I Don't like Pork!

Ree Drummond-Confessions of a Pioneer Woman (Picture property of Ree Drummond)

Did y'all watch Pioneer Woman's first cooking show on the Food Network channel today? You had a look into her life on the ranch and her cooking the meals as well. Here in Alabama, she comes on Saturday morning at 10:30 am. I follow her blog and it was so cool seeing she has her own show. 

     I try to like pork.  When my daughter, JB, cooks stuffed pork chops for Thanksgiving rather than turkey, I eat them and they are so good! Her stuffing is to die for (I'll try to get her to give it to me to post, I do know her secret is applesauce, yep applesauce!).
     I even buy the pre-seasoned center cut log and try to cook. My friends Liz & Marci, who are both good cooks, laugh at me because I can't seem to get it to cook right and end up giving or throwing the dish away. Well, Liz came up with a new way to cook it.  She takes the pork loin log, thinly slices it and then fries the slices. Her side dishes with this meal is mashed potatoes with gravy and I believe she said some yellow squash out of their garden or maybe it was Five's mother's garden. (yes his name is Five, I'll have to tell you that story some day, I mean it's on his birth certificate as Five!). He's a nice guy too.  Liz really deserves a nice guy like him or maybe he deserves someone like her, either way, it's good.
     The meal sounded delicious, so I decided to give it a try. Only problem is that I bought the original which didn't have the pre-seasoning added.  Though the meat was okay and I did cook it correctly for a change, I hadn't added spices or herbs, so it was kinda flat.  I'm going to try it again, but with the right log, so, I'll give you that recipe then.
Pork loin with beets and Sugar Peas
(don't you just love my fancy paper plate)

     The reason I brought up the pork loin is I came up with another way to use it, Tacos! That's right, Tacos.
For some reason, lately anyway, I'm off flour tortillas and soft tacos, they just don't taste right, so I'm substituting with crisp taco shells.  What I did, was to slice like fajitas then reheat the pork. At that point, I pulled out a couple of the shells, filled with the warm pork, sprinkled on some shredded cheese, mild chunky Pace Salsa, finely diced onions, shredded lettuce and finally a drollup of sour cream. Talk about good! Unfortunately, there's no evidence of the meal left. In other words, I forgot to take a picture. Next time, I think I might try to chop up or puree the pork, like hamburger meet, to use.  Though I did like the fajita style slices.
     Do y'all like pickled beets? I do, they seem to go well with pork. Sugar peas are okay, but I like crowder peas better, especially with a little bit of snap.  I had never thought about using sugar peas in a salad until I watched, Giada De Laurentiis, Everyday Italian show this week.  She first placed the peas in hot water for about five minutes, dipped them out of the hot into ice water so they wouldn't continue to cook.  Then they were mixed with endive, arugula, topped with roasted walnuts and her homemade dressing. This is what I'm going to try tomorrow. I thought the arugula would be hard to find, but guess who sells it, Walmart! It looked nice too. Well, until tomorrow....  
Whether it is likened to a ghost that haunts, to a wounded spirit, or to a fractured body, all cultures and religions wrestle with the issue of guilt......Ravi Zacharias, Cries of the Heart.
All pleasure does not come with a warning label. ....(There are those who) offer pleasure without restraint and destroy people without apology.  Ravi Zacharias, Cries of the Heart.
Buck's Pocket, DeKalb County, Alabama (picture property of Judy Harper)
Won't be long till the leaves are changing!
China Doll


Agnes said...

I never eat pork but for some inexplicable reason I've always loved the word "pork" :-)

Anonymous said...

Have to admit we do like fancy paper plated. We spend extra on the ones with individual places for side dishes. The sturdy ones. With patterns.. gotta have fancy paper plates. And thanks for stopping by and saying hello!