Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's In A Word?

Fall is leaving us, soon it will be spring!

Have you ever used the expression, "I can feel it in the air"! Well, I can feel Spring in the air. Or another way to say it is "I have Spring fever!".

It's been a long hard winter! Cold, dark and harsh.  My doctor tells me I suffer from SAD, so from the first of  November through February I begin to have afternoon slumps with decreased energy and concentration; have increased appetite, usually with weight gain (of course); excessive daytime sleepiness (hey, during lunch I can sit in front of my computer playing a game and slip right into sleep, waking myself up when my head drops, ouch!); begin to have a lack of energy and loss of interest in work and other activities; social withdrawal ( you know, become a hermit); and of course irritability. Because of the few sunshine days, plus having to wear bulky coats and feeling a need to find a warm spot, it's really been bad this year! So I am welcoming Spring with wide open arms!

Last week we had sunshine and warm days, even having long days, it's true its only about fifteen minutes, but  that is what gives the feel of Spring in the air. Of course, today has let us know that winter can still bite, it had dropped from seventy-four to fifty-eight.  I know, I know, fifty-eight is no twelve or nineteen, so be thankful, and I am, but I want to be able to work outside or sit on my deck. Of course, then I'll be complaining of the heat, I guess we're never satisfied!

Lovely Spring rain!


Arlee Bird said...

Is SAD why you haven't been posting? I've been wondering where you've been. I kind of know what you're saying. Being jobless and draining my savings is gonna get me real depressed soon if the situation doesn't change. And it's been so chilly here in L.A. lately that I've been wearing long johns under my sweats. I ready for spring for sure.
We'll heat up in April when we start blogging from A to Z!

Tossing It Out

Judy Harper said...

Lee-Yes, SAD causes me a problem! But as you said, the up side is that Spring always comes around and I'm looking forward to your April challenge to get back into the swing of things. Plus, I"ve been working on the novel I started with NaNo! I'm up to 23,000 words!