Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday-Lessons from Stepping Up by Beth Moore

This Sunday begins our study of Beth Moore's Stepping up-A Journey Through the Psalms of Ascent.
You can find out about Beth Moore on her blog Here

On the first study day she listed some of the following facts about the Psalms, some I didn't know:

There are 150 psalms, of this number, please note the following designations of authors: 
*73 bear the name of David 
*12 are attributed to Asaph, a Levite musician David appointed to lead worship with singers
*10 are attributed to the sons of Korah, temple singers
*2 are believed to have been written by Solomon
*1 was written by Moses
*1 was written by another singer named Heman
*1 was written by an additional singer named Ethan 
*The remainder are Anonymous.

The first study is from Psalm 120 & 121. In Psalm 121:5,in Hebrew version, the phrase "The Lord protects you" is preceded by fifty-eight syllables and 58 syllables follow it, per Beth, "That's one example of how carefully constructed many of the psalms are".

It seems like a good study, but I do find one fault. the person who wrote the teaching plans, which include discussion questions, seems to have pulled the questions out of left field.  They don't seem to relate to the material being presented!   I mean Beth Moore is doing a study of Psalms, with the title of the 5th day being The Lord Is Your Shelter, the question is "What does Jude 24 say Christ is able to do for us on our pilgrimage? Name a way He does that?"

After Sunday School I'm headed to the Harper Reunion.  I've had contact from some of the relatives interested in doing a group blog, so hopefully we'll have a lot of discussion today!
M. C. and Deida Harper: M.C. Born May 3, 1827 and Died Aug 19, 1895.
Deida Born Oct 27, 1828, Died Oct 26, 1901

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arlee bird said...

The study on Psalms sounds very interesting. I had thought about doing a blog series on the Psalms.

I'll have to check the link.

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