Thursday, September 16, 2010

About Tuesday Morning Writing!

He stood on the riverbank, looking at the snow and ice, debating 
if he should swim across, then he heard the barking of the dogs.....

I have a writing blog called A Creative Writer In Progress,  where each week pictures, such as the one above, are posted with a sentence.  Then the Tuesday Morning Writing group takes a picture and writes a story around it using the sentence, or not.  We're talking about creating a blog specifically for creative writing, geared toward beginning writers.  This will be a group blog, which I'm still learning about.  You have one person as administrator as well as author, with several other authors.  That way, each person can take a week, month or whatever and post the pictures, write helpful articles, point beginning writers in helpful directions.  By posting as a group, there's rotation and the upkeep of the site doesn't fall on one person.  In the coming weeks, I'll post more information.  In the meantime you might want to read this past Tuesday's posts, my post is titled No More Family, gaelikaa's is Premonition, Lisa's is Festival of The Full Moon. While you're there check out the pictures for next Tuesday,  Tuesday Morning pictures for 09/21/10.

We'd love to have you join us next Tuesday, it's fun and you know the old adage, "practice, practice, practice!" 

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