Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Old Picture Day Wednesday!

I love old pictures, their subjects and stories.  A moment in time preserved forever, or at least until they completely fade.  That's why one of my projects is to scan all my old pictures for future generations.  Today I'm going for grandmothers and grandfathers.  Just a note, someone commented on how stiff and somber people looked in the old photos, as though they were unhappy.  Remember your old movies where they took pictures with a large box camera, using powder to produce a flash?  People had to be very still for a long period of time for the plate to store the image, so there was usually a brace clamped to the back of a person's head to keep her or him very straight and still! They probably were in pain!

My great-grandfather and grandmother on my Dad's side, William P. and Martha C. Harper, I think I've mentioned before, this picture is over 100 years old, taken between 1896-1898. Grandmother Martha died in 1898

William P. with his second wife Arminda

My grandfather Arville and Manila Harper (my Dad's Mom and Dad)

My granddad and his second wife Verdi, 1949 (They didn't get married until she was 50, her first marriage)

My Grandpa and Grandma Esley and Frances Turner (my Mom's dad and mom), holding one of their grandchildren.

My Grandpa and Grandma Turner, 1940 (They had traveled by train to Georgia to visit one of Grandma's sister's.)

My Great-Grandmother Martha Worley Tatum (this picture is almost 100 years old as well, this was my Mom's grandmother on her mother's side)

What's your oldest and most treasured pictures?


Agnes said...

Oh, wow, amazing. Love the moodiness...

Rummuser said...

My childhood pictures with my father and mother carrying me.

Judy Harper said...

Agnes-True, but you seem to able to focus more on the picture.

Ramana-The pictures of my parents holding me a baby are some of my most treasured pictures. It would be interesting to see some of yours.

Jules said...

Wow you really have some oldies. My mom has some older pics that I just love but none that old. I have scanned a lot of them for my mom's digital photo frame. She loves it!

Stephen Tremp said...

My mom and sisters put together a scrapbook of family photos for me. Some of the pictures go back to around the 1880s. Mydistant relatives look like mean, ornery gun slingers but they were really nice people. That's just the way they looked back in the day.

Stephen Tremp

JoeyRes said...

My grandma just gave me a picture of her and her sister when they were in their teens. That one is very special and the only photo I have of my mom's dad (he died when she was 4) is also a treasured favorite.

That's great your scanning all of these images for your family!

Rosemildo Sales Furtado said...

São valiosos documentos que ficam para a posteridade e nos trazem belas recordações. Um tesouro.



sheeza said...

wow that's beautiful collection. i have to oldest picture with me is some what related to 1950's.

love to see your pictures and effort to collecting them and preserving them.


Judy Harper said...

Jules-My sister has a digital photo frame as well, and loves her's. The older generation took pictures of the past, most of the pictures taken today are of the children, rather than the parents and other relative adults. I love working with the old pictures.

Stephen-That is so wonderful of your mom and sisters to do that for you. You'll always treasure the scrapbook, and so will your kids one day.

Joey-Hang onto the picture, maybe one day it can be used in your family history. Do you know who in your family is the historian, maybe you could give them a copy.

Furtado- I hope this translates correctly..Então poucas pessoas compreendem como valiosos quadros são. Esse são uma maneiras de manter história vivo para as gerações de furture. Agradece tanto para seu discernimento e comentário.

Sheeza-Still for you 1950 is 60 years, pretty old. You can do the same and if you want, you could be your family historian.