Saturday, January 9, 2010

JUST ABOUT TODAY IN MY LIFE-Check Out Some Good Blogs!

Patio at my brothers house, waterfall and all 12/2009

The above picture shows what kind of day we're having, sunny and cold! A beautiful day to look out the window, but not actually have any reason to go outside! I know you mid-westerners and those really up north are thinking, 29 degrees, they're having a heat wave! But when your average temperatures are usually in the mid 50's and 60's, it's is freezing cold! Thankfully I lived in Oklahoma for four years and have a really warm coat.  But there are a lot of people with only denim or sweatshirt jackets!  Talk about people staying at home in front of their televisions or computers, this is the weather to do so!  Order pizzas and drink hot chocolate, way to go.

Speaking of hot chocolate, what is your favorite recipe? I found my favorite on one of my favorite blogs, Feeding Five For FiftyHot Hottie ,  

Hottie Hot Hottie!

I'm going to list some good blog sites. Some are new ones that I just discovered and some are my favorites, but all are worth a look see!

Denise-Success In The Suburbs, I discovered this site today from a comment Denise left.  When I left her blog, I understood what she was going through, as well as laughing to myself at how she phrased everything! Real but humorously! She actually has three blogs, all worth reading.
Jenie-Life around you N me,  Jenie is from the Philippines.  I've been following her for about a month now. She's a young woman interested in people and where she lives.
Mommyhood, Rocket Scientist, and Drool, is the blog of a lawyer turned stay at home mom, who lives with her husband (the Rocket Scientist) and their first child, a lovely daughter.  This blog is a daily posting to her journal that one day she will give to her daughter to read.  It's the ups and downs, joys and a few rantings, when Miss Priss decides she's no longer taking naps.
Earth's Imagined Corners, this is a new site.  She's been accepted into the Foreign Service, so this is her journal of planning, being accepted and the training before being sent to her posting. 
From A Yellow House In England, Dori is originally from Georgia.  She married Brit Boy and now lives in England.  This is her journal on her new life.I've been following Dori for a while, she has some great pictures on her posts!

Communication Exchange, Patricia blogs to help those of us who use to be good spellers but now wonder is this right or how should I.  She has posted on topics that I have used several times.  She isn't condescending or teachy either! On top of that, she's a great listener!
Stephen McCarthy, Do you like people with a dry sense of humor and that loves to talk about subjects that are popular, only his take is usually the opposite?  I'm still trying to get a handle on Stephen, but I've never been disappointed leaving his posts! Some are funny and some I think, does he really believe that are is he pushing buttons!
In Him I Live, a very good Bible Study blog and more! She's a friend of Lee's from Tossing It Out. 

Youth Parliment, Sheeza is a young girl from Pakistan.  I have been following her for some months.  I enjoy seeing  her growth in her writing and subjects.  She's reaching out and changing by leaps and bounds.

So if y'all get a chance, check these out, I think you will enjoy them.

China Doll


Anonymous said...

It does look beautiful there. I can't believe it's so cold! It is a good thing you have a winter coat, I feel badly for those who don't!

Thanks for introducing us to new blogs. Those are some great finds.

AJ said...

Happy SITS day, returning the visit!

Looks like some great blogs! I think I might visit a couple!

arlee bird said...


Thank you for giving recognition to Stephen McCarthy's blog. Despite what he seems to think sometimes, I think more people should read him and have the fun we're having with him.

Also, thank you for giving support to Kay's Bible blog. She just started and I enjoy see new bloggers getting backers behind them to get them going. You've been great at giving that kind of support to all of us.


Jules said...

That IS a heat wave for us. We haven't even hit 10 degrees for the past couple weeks. Yikes!

Judy Harper said...

Tesa-I've decided to once a month point out some of favorite blogs. You know your's is one of my favorites! This time I thought I would go with new ones. I remember when I first started.

A. J.-Thanks!

Lee-You're quite welcome! I really do enjoy Stephen's and Kay's blog. I hope more and more Christian blogs get a start!

Jules-10 degrees! Oh my goodness!

Mommy Attorney said...

Thanks for the "shout out." :-)

I'll have to check out some of your recommendations.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Hokey-Smoke, Judy! Thanks so much for the fantastic compliment! (The check's in the mail.)

Uhm... as far as the "Stuffs" I say goes: Don't be fooled. I mean every single thing I say. Except for those things I say when I'm just pullin' legs and yankin' chains. OK, got it? That should clear matters up for ya.

But seriously - THANKS! (And I mean that.)

[*Arlee Bird: And I thank you for thanking Judy for promoting me. And I mean that, TOO... in a leg-pullin', chain-yankin' sort of way. Don't axe me to explain - you knows I cain't.]

~ Stephen
<"As a dog returns to his own vomit,
so a fool repeats his folly."
~ Proverbs 26:11>

Judy Harper said...

Mommy-you're welcome! I think more should read your posts!

Stephen-People will now see what I mean about your posts! lol You're quite welcome!

Helen McGinn said...

Oh, gimme one now! *L* Thanks for linking me Judy. I will be sure to check out the new blogs. I'm back to being able to be on at least 4 days out the 7 now so I'm excited to be able to actually take time and read blogs I love (like yours) and the new blogs mentioned. x