Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sixty means so many Memories-Childhood and Beyond

What is your earliest childhood memory?  Mine is full of shadows, but I'm stepping up onto one of those red child's step stool.  Sort of  pumpkin shaped legs with a flat step, just one step. When I stepped up I hit my bottle against the wall, breaking it.  In the background there's a bassinet with a baby in it.  Mother's standing over it, pulling a cloth from under a baby (probably my new baby brother), when I think about it now, she was probably changing a diaper.  I start crying from something Mother is saying.  When I became an adult I asked her about it.  She said the only thing she could think of was that I still used a baby bottle up until I was around two.  When I broke the last bottle, she said she never replaced it.  So maybe that was what she was saying, that she wasn't going to replace my bottle.  I probably have this memory because it was one of the first two very traumatic events that happened in my life. A new baby brother and a broken bottle.  I mean after all hanging onto that bottle for almost two years, then having it destroyed, certainly meant I lost something I held dearly!  I certainly sucked it long enough, that's for sure!
Me at 5 mos 10 days old, Mar 31, 1949

Me at 1 year 8 mos, Jun 1950 (This is 
probable me when I broke my bottle).
Do you ever wonder about your parents?  Where they came from and how they met? Be sure to find out before they're gone.  If you don't, later in life you'll regret never asking about things they did when they were young or how they met.
It was summer in 1947.  Clifford Harper was back home from World War II.  He had enlisted in the Army on 6 December 1940 at Fort McClellan, Alabama.  The division he was assigned to was the Military Police. While he was in the Army, he served in the Philippines.  After he was discharged, he lived in Jackson County, Alabama, but he traveled around digging wells, mostly in Rome and Rising Fawn, Georgia.
On one of his visits home he met my mom.  My mom, who was sixteen at the time, would walk to Johnson's country store, located a few miles from her home.  One afternoon when she was walking back home, dad stopped his car to talk with her. He told her he had passed her walking along the road several times and wanted to know if she would go out on a date with him.  Dad didn't find out that she was only sixteen until they had been dating for a while, he was thirty-one at the time.  They dated all summer and on 7 November 1947 were married.  
Vernell Turner age 15
Vernell Turner Harper in her wedding dress

Pvt Clifford Harper-Ft. McClellan, Alabama 1941

Clifford Harper 1942-43

Me, Dad & Mom 1949

Don't you just love old pictures!  They give you a glimpse of a moment in a person's life.  You get to share an event in their lives, what they were doing at a particular time, day and year.  As you look at them, were they happy, what were they thinking?

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I really enjoyed this post certainly were a darling baby.

I hope you'll share more about your parents...for instance, I'd love to know what your mother's family said when she told them she wanted to marry a much older man.