Saturday, May 2, 2015

Life Can Throw You For A Curve With It's Ups And Downs!

     I  worked for this company where the owner flew helicopters into Vietnam and rescued wounded and fighter pilots who had crashed. He was shot at, wounded and still went back. Naturally, after he was discharged he had to seek treatment for Post Traumatic Stress. After having to go back several times after he thought he was cured he asked his therapist, "How come life can't stay on a flatline, stay on an even keel? Why does it have to be up and feeling good, then drop and feel like the world is ending?" 
     The therapist's response was, "The ups and downs of life is what lets you know you're alive. If you are having flatlines, then most likely you're dead. You don't want life to be flat and always on an even keel. Then you're not living, learning and growing."
     I do understand how he feels though. You're on an even keel and suddenly a curve is in front of you. Sometimes so fast the only thing you can do is run off the road, praying that the wreck won't be too bad.
     Did you know the women in South Korea keep their last name after they're married? I'm going by what my family doctor tells me, she's South Korean, though she's become a hyphenated woman. She used both her last name and her husband's whose also is a doctor. Over the last couple of years, she's taught me a lot, one being that prevention is better than letting an illness happen. She's one of these rare doctors who spend a lot of time with me. Stress, overweight and lack of exercise are her biggest soap boxes! 
     Her biggest push is that stress can cause so many problems such as producing too much of one chemical that can cause havoc with so many parts of the body. Her favorite saying is "Get Off The Couch! You need a life." And this doesn't just mean exercise, she literally means turn off the TV, get in the car and interact with people.  

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Stephen T. McCarthy said...

JUDY, I am currently under quite a bit of stress but at least I don't have a TV.

Well, I do have one, but I have no television service, so the TV only works when I put a DVD into the player. I prefer it this way.

~ D-FensDogG
'Loyal American Underground'