Friday, September 9, 2011

I Asked For Rain, But Really Not the Wind!

Rain & More Rain!
Storm Debris
More Rain!

     When the hurricane went up the east coast, I was concerned for the people there, but it seemed miles away.  Monday, I wasn't prepared for Lee.  I don't remember seeing any indication of the bad weather we had.  At 4:00 pm, the wind began to pick up and blow in constant gusts.  I don't like wind.  During Katrina, a tree fell on the front of my house and in 2009, another storm came through at Easter and blew a tree down on the back of my house.
Storm 2009

     So when I hear we're going to experience high winds I cringe on the inside.  At 5:45 pm, Monday, the electricity went off and stayed off until I came home from work Wednesday, 5:00pm. It is very dark without street lights, security lights and porch lights. It's sad to say, but I lost everything in my refrigerator.  This was disappointing as I finally cooked the pork loin log perfectly.  I was even going to make a fig sauce to drizzle over it, doesn't that sound good! I had to throw it away though. Me and pork loin centers don't seem to have a good relationship.
     It was so funny when the electricity first went off, the silence was deafening. All the cats came to a stand still, it was as though their steps were frozen. It didn't take them long to skitter to where I was.  I have this one cat that will hide the front part of his body under a table when he is frightened, especially after a thunder clap. He doesn't realize his little tail is sticking out for all to see. 
This is Sabby, notice his green eyes. He has a jealous personality, which I find interesting
Sabby is a Manx, he has a bobbed off tail.

     It did give me time to study my Sunday School lesson, rather than wait until Saturday like I sometimes do. We do the Masterworks series in my Sunday School.  
     I also realized something else, how much I depend on the television and my computer, particularly blogging and surfing the internet. The computer I don't feel so bad about, but how much I watch television did surprise me. I know some people who can fold clothes, sort through papers and other things while watching television, but I'm not one of those people.  I become so focused on what I'm watching, that outside time fades into the background.   
     I also experienced the joy of using flashlights and candles. I don't know how people functioned by using kerosene lamps and candles! It's difficult to read by their output and they need to be very close to be of any value. I would say the best thing about no electricity is being able to go to bed early, but it made me nervous to be in the dark, so I sat on the couch and went to sleep.  Once I awakened, I then dragged myself to bed. 
     I did enjoy Wednesday evening as several of my neighbors and myself got out there with our blowers to clear off our yards.  We visited and shared storm stories! I can honestly say though, that hurricanes and tornadoes are not my favorite ways to mingle with my neighbors! 
     Here's a favorite breakfast I'm enjoying at the moment...take toasted chocolate chip waffles, spread the new Philly creamed cheese all over it, then a drollup of orange marmalade. Talk about delicious! It's even better with a cup of Community coffee!
     In October, actually, October 6th, I'm going to have a guest blogger to post on genealogy.  Gail Baugniet is an author and also has time for genealogy.  You can see her visit and story on her Belgium trip, here. She actually traveled to Belgium for information and to meet relatives.  So check out her site and mark your calenders for 10/06/11!
     Have you ever heard of a "Maypop"? That's not the technical term, it's what we kids called it when we were growing up.  Think along the lines of a lime and a ballerina! I wonder how many of you know about a "Maypop".


Agnes said...

The way the cats reacted to the power going out is quite funny :-)

On a more serious note, I hope everything gets back to "normal" soon Judy.

the wild magnolia said...

I live in south Florida and we are finally have tons of rain, much needed rain. No hurricanes, for which we are thankful.

Sorry to see the tree crash on your lovely deck. No fun.

Lovely kitty, I love the green eyes.

Happy weekend.