Thursday, September 1, 2011

Easy, Low Sodium Chicken Salad Or Lazy Night

I painted this....Do you think it looks like the one below?
Hmm! Maybe not! lol

     Have any of y'all seen "Fried Green Tomatoes?" I live and work near, well actually 5 to 15 miles anyway, the Irondale Cafe (setting for the Whistle Stop Cafe).  When my sister-in-law gets a hankering for fried chicken livers, she calls and we go eat lunch there.  Which was the case yesterday. She loves the chicken livers, mac and cheese.  I differ on what I eat except for the fried green tomatoes. I always buy the fried green tomatoes. Though yesterday they were a little more tangy than usual.  I guess it's getting near the end of the season for green tomatoes. We sat in the train room. She and I both called it that because the room walls were covered with pictures of trains, all vintages, sizes and colors. The two front rooms have windows so you can eat and watch the trains go by; which they usually do, one to two always. I don't just mean trains for show, but car after car, sometimes two or three engines that push & pull the cars. We didn't even know about the front rooms until last month.  We had always eaten in the center rooms or the room where the buffet line goes through. It's not fancy, each table has a checkered tablecloth, a portable paper towel holder that sits nearby for messy hands. Thankfully there's more than one way in and out to the restaurant. Otherwise people would be sit there a long time for each train to go by.  If a train is passes by when you go in or out, you feel as though you could reach out and touch the train.  Sometimes the drivers have their windows open and their arm resting on the window frame, they'll wave. The cafe is wedged in between a barber shop and another shop.  At the east end of the strip, there's a bookstore that sells used books. I love it's name, "The Doggone Bookstore." NH and I have been known to browse and buy books there.  

Irondale Cafe today
A passing train, so close!

       I tried a new recipe, chicken salad made from a baked chicken breast.  I don't feel guilty about this chicken salad as it's low sodium.  How many of you are on a low or restricted sodium diet? It is so hard to find good tasting, low sodium dishes.
     The first thing you do is bake a chicken breast or several chicken breasts seasoned with garlic powder and a pinch of rosemary. Cook at 400 degrees until chicken juice runs clear. Take out of oven and let cool, or eat one for supper and save one to make chicken salad the next night.
     Okay, now for the recipe, this is for one person, so if more people need to be served, you'll have to adjust by adding more chicken and condiments:
     1 baked chicken breast seasoned with garlic and rosemary cut into cubes, 
          place in your food processor
     11/2 teaspoon of mayonnaise
     1 teaspoon of sour cream
     1 pinch of basil
     1 slice of cubed apple (optional)
     You could even add nuts or celery.  If you do, a tad more mayo or sour cream will need to be added.  You can always use low fat mayo and sour cream to help cut calories.
     Place lid on food processor and push button. Now I like mine pureed, but you might like yours chunkier. Then you can pour into serving dish, eat as a sandwich with bread, Ritz crackers or spread it on a celery stick. I found this delicious! I hope y'all will try and enjoy!
A view from my cruise on the Fantasy


the wild magnolia said...

Fried Green Tomatoes and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and Steel Magnolias, are my favorite southern movies. Fried Green Tomatoes are a favorite too, I have a friend who dices the green tomatoes, adds flour and corn meal....and fries in hot grease. Very good.

Would love to visit the restaurant.

Thanks for sharing the recipe too, I will love it, himself does not like sour cream. Therefore it is all for me.

Agnes said...

That cafe is calling my name, I can hear it. And I love the painting Judy.

Happy Labor Day :-)