Sunday, February 7, 2010

SUNDAY LETS TRAVEL TO: Cozumel, Mexico, cont'd-Part 2

Apartments and shopping strip!

I wasn't for sure what to expect in Cozumel.  What I found was a mixture of old and new charm. The area my niece and I visited was definitely geared for tourists, yet, maybe it was due to the time of the year, it wasn't overcrowded or marked by locals intent on earning a dollar.  Maybe that in itself is the charm of Cozumel.

I'll pick up the story from where we were traveling by jeep to visit the beachfront.

My niece drove and I snapped the pictures!

I'm not sure where this led to, nice landscaping and great entrance!

We finally arrive at our destination!

As you can see from the choppy waves, it was a bit windy!
The welcoming center blended in with the scenery!

A bunch of us signed up for this outing!

Look at the sand and also how flat the beach is and then there's the horizon.
I snapped this picture because of the many shades of green in one spot!

One of our guides.

This is a storm warning device!

Another shot!

Our guide..

He passed on to us that the above building was built on the opposite side of the island from where the original inhabitants lived. Apparently, this side was too rough for boats to arrive and take off from the island.  The building is built in layers and with openings positioned so that when a severe storm arrives the wind will travel through the openings in such a manner it will come out like a loud whistle to warn the islanders of what's about to happen! Isn't this amazing!  I mean this thing is very old and the people of that time had the ability to come up with the idea, plan it and then build it! All without sirens, Bobcat equipment and cement!

Our guide laughing told us this is the Mexican Eagle!

Otherwise known as vultures!

Our guide informed us that this, at one time, was all marsh land. Before it was transformed into a park.

Yep, crocodiles!

A bunch of crocks!

The guide would throw out meat and we'd watch as the crocks rushed in for the meal! I made sure the bridge was sturdy and safe before venturing out on the water!

Never did find out why he was wearing the mask! 

If you sign up for the Punta Sur tour, you gotta try the chicken tacos at their restaurant! They were delicious! Nothing like the American tacos! 

This is where we were to go snorkeling to see the beautiful underwater attractions.  Unfortunately, I couldn't wear my glasses, so I stayed ashore, I mean there wouldn't be any point as I'm blind as a bat,
one who really wanted to take pictures of the beach!

The beach!

Yellow coconuts!

Beautiful water!

Another beach shot!

We were only on Cozumel for a day.  We were let off the ship around ten o'clock Saturday morning and had to be back on board by four o'clock that afternoon.  The good thing about a cruise is that Carnival made available so much information before we even set foot aboard.  Once aboard, they had sessions showing and explaining where to go and definitely places not to venture into.  They had sessions on which shops where legitimate and sold high quality silver and liquor.  They even gave us maps of where we could find the shops.  I only bought a few pieces of silver jewelry, but there were whole families pulling suitcases to buy jewelry and liquor!  We were allowed to bring back to the United States eight hundred dollars worth of purchases without paying import fees. Above that, there were charges one had to pay.  I would like to go back and spend more time there.  We only scratched the surface of what was available to enjoy!
Me and my niece on board the Fantasy the evening of the Captains reception!

The night of the reception we ran into rough seas.  It was so funny, people were all dressed up in nice dresses and heels, unfortunately, for every step forward, we took two back or sideways, depending on whichever way the ship rolled.  It wasn't too bad and for someone who normally gets seasick at the drop of a hat, I didn't.  Not even once! I could even look out the windows at the ocean and watch the ship cut through the waves! 

Until next Sunday! If you have pictures you would like to share, let me know your link and I'll post.  We're going to Armenia next week.  My nephew spent two years there in the Peace Corp.  


Agnes said...

Judy, you're an amazing photographer! Beautiful photos.
I am really enjoying your Sunday Travels...
Armenia -- I can't wait!

Mattenylou said...

Thanks for giving me a wonderful armchair tour, so nice. I've always wanted to go to Mexico.

April said...

Stopping by from SITS! Nice pictures! I just went to cozumel in december on carnival. we went snorkeling and shopping,s o it was fun to see other parts of the island in your pics!

Judy Harper said...

Agnes-Thanks! I love taking pictures.
Lou-It's fun to share the photos. It's like reliving the adventure.
April-Which Carnival ship were you on? Was the island as quiet as when I went in January?

sheeza said...

what a wonderful trip you had. and pictures were awesome or should a say i love the clouds. oh my favorite scene. i love your pictures.
you always come up with nice collections.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Looks like a lot of fun, except for the crocs.

Stephen Tremp

Helen McGinn said...

Judy, I'm glad to read that you are well. Wow, your trip sounds wonderful. I really love that picture with all the different coloured greens; the one of your guide puzzles me...the man beside him was obviously further away than he appears or else he is actually very tiny...*L* I love how you've shot an optical illusion. Your pics are fab. The manmade weather warning system is pretty amazing.

Enjoy your next trip. x

Tired Mom Tesa said...

Love the blue sky in the first couple of pictures and the yellow coconuts in the later ones. We had a bit of a rough voyage on our cruise too and at one point I caught a man who had stumbled in the hallway. It made it tough to sleep but we had fun anyway. Looks like you did too.