Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!

Can I go with you?

Birds of a Feather

You want me to go out like this?

Can you believe the shoes and shirt, what a way to ruin an outfit!


Agnes said...

LOL (her tennis shoes). Very sweet.
My cat LOVES bags. It must be a cat-thing.

Mighty M said...

Loving the stowaway!

Jules said...

I love the little clown's face. Priceless!

Marianna said...

I assume these photos are all from your personal collection?

Reminds me of long ago, when I used to write a caption for all the photos I took.

Judy Harper said...

Agnes-I think it is a cat thing! When I pack my suitcase, I have to leave it in the closet until I leave or they try to get in it, and when I get home, they will pull out my clothes and lay inside.
M-That's my TinkTink-she's the quiet Little Princess, when she walks it reminds me of a model walking down the runway. She primly puts one out then crosses with the other. It is so unusual! Her front paws aren't side by side but cross, cross.
Jules-I know, it's one of my favorite!
Marianna-Yes it's from my personal collection of my cats and grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

That cat picture is cracking me up. Cats are so funny like that. My daughter loves princess and fairy costumes and I'm always trying to get her to wear clothes underneath so she doesn't freeze, she gets so upset and would rather shiver than "ruin" the costume with a long sleeve shirt!

Mattenylou said...

Funny how our cats always find these little spots to cuddle up in. The kids are cuties!

Judy Harper said...

Tesa-Shelby would have worn the outfit without the shirt and shoes if Jennifer, my daughter, had allowed it. But at Halloween,in Oklahoma, it's rather chilly!

Lou-They do don't they, like the cute picture on your post with the cat asleep by the radiator! That is such a cute picture. Reminds me of Rascal in my Monday picture.

sheeza said...

thats really sweet and lovely.



Katherine (a.k.a. Katie) Corrigan said...

wonderful photos, thank you for sharing. wishing you happiness, Katherine