Friday, January 29, 2010

Promote A Blog Friday!

Bob the Squirrel, sunning lazily on a spring day (have you ever seen one lay flat on his stomach like that?)

It's Friday, again!  Just a few more hours and it's the weekend! I'm going to add an additional step, it's a take off of "The Secret is in the Sauce".  Look at the comments and click on the names to go see their blogs. Below are some of my old favorites and some new favorites!

Fleur de Aleta, is a blog about a girl, a guy, her cat and his dog, our lives together.  Aleta's post on Thursday deals with her being selected to serve on jury duty and how juror's are selected.  Do you know what a "shadow juror" is?

Mural Maker and More, Colleen offers how too's on such things as how to do a Painted Silk Wall Hanging. Or my favorite painted closet doors!

The Mighty M Family, Teri, in addition to showing off her beautiful children, is presently offering tips on camera settings.  She does have a great selection of pictures!

So give the above blogs a look see and try a few on the comment side as well! And if you like friction and non-fiction writing, give my other blog a look see as well! A Creative Writer in Progress....

Shelby, in front, Max, in back


Teri said...

Cute kitties - thanks for the shout out! Happy Friday to you!! :)

Agnes said...

The kitties are adorable (the squirrel too)!

Have a great weekend Judy :-)

Anonymous said...

Another great list. I follow Fleur de Aleta and Mighty M Family too. Great picks. I'll have to check out Mural Maker.

Judy Harper said...

Teri-You're welcome!

Agnes-Thanks! You have a great weekend as well!

Tesa-They are good sites are they!I have been following for a while. I discovered Mural Maker this year.

Anonymous said...

I like to surf the net and read interesting blogs. Its a bit of an addiction I think. And your cats have the right idea. I definately have a nap on tap today.

Stephen Tremp