Monday, August 8, 2016

I Cannot Use A Weed Eater OR It's Alive!!

Image result for Free pictures of a weed eater
Borrowed from Googles Free pictures

Image result for Free pictures of a weed eater
borrowed from Googles Free Pictures

     A weed eater weighs from 12 pounds to 25 pound, anyone should be able to use it, right, even kids. That is so very wrong! My brother gave me his old electric one 16 years ago. All I had to do was plug it in and press the button. First off I envisioned the wire cutting off my legs right above the ankles. Then I am supposed to cut it just right, so I spend my time raising and lowering because I can't control it at the right level. Oh and I don't want to talk about changing the wire (I never was able to change the wire, it kept coming off) so I threw it down, put the weed eater back into storage and used my lawnmower or pulled the weeds up by hand. 
     Last summer I bought a new Snapper, thinking surely there are new updates and it will be so much easier, especially if I buy a gas one! Well, In June of this year (I waited a year because I wanted time to think about it), I finally decided to try it. 
     I have decided it's alive, laying in storage waiting to attack me. Did you know you can't use the same gas for a weed eater that you use for your lawnmower or car? You gotta buy this small bottle of "something", then measure out exactly 1 gallon of gas ( you know how hard it is to find a useful container, I lost a good tea pitcher) and mix. Not only that, it weighed 30 pounds.
     I'm finished trying to use a weed eater, because that's me in the above first picture! Anyone want to buy a barely used weed eater?

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Rummuser said...

My garden is too small and is maintained by a gardener. Sorry I am unable to buy your weed eater!