Sunday, September 14, 2014

Are You A People Person?




     Are you a people person? What I mean by that is I could stay in my office at work all day doing accounting and never speak to a person and I would be fine. Then you have people who need to be around others. They make good salesmen, lawyers, receptionists, or just fun to be around. My sister Pam, as much as she could with her disabilities, my sister Susan and my brother Larry are like that. People are attracted to them because of their outgoing personalities. They make you feel good and usually bring laughter. 
     I love to watch my cats because they're like people. BayBay is the youngest and bounces when she runs. She will come running just to let you know she's there and that she knows you're there. She constantly wants to play. Her favorite game is to find one of her toys and then pick it up and bring it to you, making this funny meowing noise.  Once she sees me, she expects me to clap my hands and praise her for the wonderful catch! I can put her toys up before I go to bed and then by the next bedtime, she's dragged them out again, letting me know she caught them. 
     Then I have Queenie, who is a multi-colored cat that seems to be always watching, thinking.
But there are times she also needs attention. She tries some of the same antics of BayBay but it's not the same. One reason is because BayBay is consistent, while Queenie is sometimes, plus she doesn't make that cute meow. I've caught on though and make a point to stop and listen to her and pick her up and make the same praises I would with BayBay.
     People are like the cats. Some are loners who still need attention, a special phone call or card. Just to be checked on and realize someone would miss them. Then you have people who make you feel good, yet they too need praise and special phone calls.
Have you ever seen a cat smile,
They do you know, just ask me,
I've seen them, oh what a lark it is.

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Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Hey, welcome back, JUDY!

Where the heck you been keepin' yerself? How'z things goin'?

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'