Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Have You Ever Tried To Find The End Of A Rainbow?

A Rainy Day-Judy Harper

More Rain-Judy Harper

     There's a commercial currently showing of a man and his young daughter, maybe six, riding in a car, twisting and turning, going down one road, then another.  At one point the young girl says, "It's gone, I think we lost it." Then they turn into a pasture and there is a beautiful rainbow. I remember doing that with my daughter, seeing the rainbow and then following it to see if we could find the pot of gold. It was so much fun! Of course, we never found the end, nor the pot of gold. It didn't matter, it was just the thrill of the chase, thinking we're almost there. Plus the pure beauty of a rainbow.
     Today was a partially sunny day, not the bright sunny, but not cloudy, as I was driving into work.  Suddenly I noticed raindrops on the windshield, I leaned down and looked up, there was a rainbow! I could see where it hit the trees to the right.  It actually looked like transparent colors filtering down into the trees.  You remember the crackling multicolored cellophane paper, when you held it up to a light, you could see the light through the colors, that's what the rainbow looked like among the trees. I think I saw the end of a rainbow. It was beautiful!

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