Monday, May 9, 2011

I Gotta Get Out Of This Slump!

Miss Priss and BB picture by Judy Harper

Miss Priss and BB (Black one) picture by Judy Harper

I love to watch cats.  Each one has their own personality.  Miss Priss is a long haired Tortoiseshell and BB is a long haired Manx. They're my youngest two and with two different personalities. I have an outside tomcat that has showed up for 9 years.  He's a yellow/orange cat, so I call him Yeller.  He has brought me 4 young cats.  I've watched him walk them across the yard and sit outside my deck door until I come out and check on the new cat.  He is very skiddish and won't let me get near him, so I'm confused as to why he feels the need to bring me his strays. Miss Priss and BB are two of the cats that he brought. First Miss Priss, then BB. I told him when he brought BB that if he brought me another one, I was going to take him to the humane society, of course he knew this was an empty threat.

Miss Priss was pregnant, of course, but I had her kittens taken and then had her fixed.  For some reason there was this gray cat that used to love to chase her up trees before I was able to take her to the vet and have her checked out.  I didn't want her coming inside and giving my current cats any diseases.  Her life was a hard life for such a young cat.  While she'll let me pick her up and pet her, she doesn't allow me to hold her for very long.  She needs constant petting and playing a game.  She resents any other cat who tries to join in during our game time.  She has this squeaky meow, which she will do until I stop what I'm doing and meet her demands. She's like some humans I know.  They need constant prompting and reassurance.  If you ask them to do something with you, they want you to beg them to do whatever you're asking. Miss Priss is also territorial. She has this spot in front of a window where she sits a large of the day, looking outside. She's about two years old. But the funny thing is, she is a mother to BB.  I don't mean BB is her kitten, but that she watches out for BB. BB is short for baby.  

BB is a Manx, always in constant motion.  She only has two speeds, race and rest.  At night when the rest of us are in bed trying to go to sleep, I hear her in my bottom kitchen cabinets.  Sometimes I hear a crash where she knocks something off the counter (I don't leave anything breakable out). She's my hunter.  I have all these stuffed toys for her to play with.  I can hear her coming from another room and know she has something in her mouth, by the meow she's emitting.  Sure enough, she usually has this white baby bear, about six inches long and four inches wide or a snaky looking toy or my favorite, a green frog with these buggy eyes, gently clamped between her teeth.  I know what she wants, I start clapping and praising her for how good she is.  She immediately drops the item onto the floor and stretches full length.  It's like she's spreading her wings and crowing. She on the other hand loves to be picked up and held. It's amazing how the other cats accept her as the baby.  She has no fear or insecurities.  Miss Priss loves to give her a bath and they sleep together.  I view her as a sanguine person, someone with a sunny disposition, always happy, constantly looking for adventure.

I have a feeling that I'm more like Miss Priss but wish I were like BB. Do you ever wonder what makes us this way.  I remember when I was younger, I was shy, but when it came to what I thought I wanted to do with my life, I really felt I knew. 

A slump is described as "To slide down suddenly or a sudden decline as in interest or activity". I think my first step in coming out of this slump is to start living like cats.  Focus on what is immediate and present. Start looking for adventure.  Maybe I'll end up like BB, making a lot of noise and finding out that I can make my own fun by prowling through life!


sandy axelrod said...

I'm not a cat lover more of an admirer. It's dogs all the way for me.

Patricia Stoltey said...

My husband and I have become cat crazy people since January when we adopted a kitten that turned out to need a bunch of special care. We fell in love with our kitten and can't imagine our lives without her.

Munir said...

If you love cats, check out Mommy Cat comforts a kitten when she is having a nightmare. I posted it the day after memorial day as I thought we all needed comfort.

Shannon Lawrence said...

My cats were all rescues of one form or another, and they had such wonderful and varied personalities. Your little one made me think of my orange tabby, who used to tote around a miniature teddy bear with him to snuggle up to. He also liked to swim! I think he was more dog than cat. It was fun reading about your furbabies.

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Shannon @ The Warrior Muse

Journaling Woman said...

I've had several Manxs. They are cool cats. I've also had a Maine Coon. She was very different too.

Great post.

Chin up!


Agnes said...

I love love love cats. I am definitely a crazy cat person, love their independence, love the way they think, just love eveything about them.