Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Judy's In The Air Force Now! Still In Wichita Falls, Part 5

At Zales thinking about buying a camera with a fellow
WAF (I'm on the right, note my glasses in my hand, phase I was going through
that I looked better without the glasses! lol)

You know, being in the Air Force was important to me.  It left a big impression with me, you'd think I could remember the names of all the people I served with, but I can't, and wouldn't you know, I didn't write them down.

Do you remember watching the Apollo missions on television?  Sitting there with your face on your hands, enthralled by what was going on, even if the picture shook, or hesitated. If you think about it, the pictures were blurry and sometimes all you heard was the "beep" on the audio, no one talking, just "beep".  Sitting there staring and thinking about them being thousands of miles away, up there in the spacesuits, at the back of your mind the thought would surface, "what if they tear their suits". Yes, even being a little afraid that would happen, being as concerned as if they were your family.

January 27, 1967, 6:31 PM, what were you doing on that date and at that time? I was in the barracks laughing and having fun. All of us yelling out comments and questions,  "Luce, can I borrow this top?", "Hey, Jane, what do you think of your new guy." Every day carefree stuff.

It wasn't until we arrived at the Airmen's Club that we heard the news, 

3 Apollo Astronauts Die in Fire; Grissom, White, Chaffee Caught in Capsule During a Test on Pad.

Most everyone sat around quiet, if there were any conversation, it was low.  Some just sat there and stared at a drink, picking at the label. I wonder, would young people in college or the military be affected the same way today? Would it be as personal?

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Agnes said...

Judy I love the photo -- you look great, and I mean GREAT.

I admit, I had to google Jan 27 '67 (blush)