Sunday, January 10, 2010

What Can I Say?

My mind is on Spring!

I can't come up with anything profound to say at this moment! What's your favorite breakfast food?  Have you ever taken hot buttermilk waffles, spread cream cheese across them, then spread a tad of your favorite jelly across that.  My favorite is orange marmalade. Talk about good!

Have you ever been tempted to stay home from Sunday School and Church because you haven't studied the Sunday School lesson?  We've been studying the book of Ruth.  It has been a great study. A wonderful story about a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, Naomi and Ruth. Then a final love story between Boaz and Ruth.
(PS..I did make it to Sunday School, and I  am so glad I did!)

Enjoy the warmth of the following pictures and think Spring will be here in two months!

Orange Beach06

Orange Beach 06

Whose that peeping out from behind the waterfall?

Hope everyone has a warm day! Despite the cold!

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Aleta said...

I love the pictures, makes me think of summer and any warm thoughts are needed right now! It's actually COLD in New Orleans and that's unusually for our "summer lite" season.

Best breakfast - Bananas Foster Waffle - sinfully delicious!

Mommy Attorney said...

Tempted to skip Sunday School? That implies that we ever went to start with. We can't seem to make it out of the house early enough.

I love the book of Ruth, though.

Judy Harper said...

Aleta-The pictures help along with a cup of hot chocolate. I love New Orleans!

Mommy-The book of Ruth has really been interesting! I understand about leaving early for y'all. Miss Priss takes a lot to get ready. And then there's the other child, you know the Rocket Scientist! lol

SPhan Photography said...

i love spring!

stopping by from sits. happy sunday!

The Coffee Shop said...

Hi Judy! You really have a beautiful blog here! Thanks for being the first participant of the giveaway on "The Coffee Shop" I loved what you wrote :) Hopefully you can post a link to my blog on any of your posts!


Feeling Fit With Dana said...

I can not wait for warmer weather. I thought I needed to move to Florida, but it is cold there too! Oh well, the pictures are very nice and warming ;)

Gay Vaughan said...

Just stopping in from SITS, Judy and it seems we think alike! Counting the days until Spring right along with you!

arlee bird said...

I've thought about skipping Sunday School, then I realized I'm the leader of the class.

My wife puts cream cheese on her waffles and I tease her about it. No jelly, just cream cheese, or sometimes she has waffles and string cheese.

Your pictures look like they could have been taken today here in L.A.-- it was a beautiful warm day here.


The Coffee Shop said...

The link sends to an image... Not to my blog... but do not worry...

The Coffee Shop

You are in ;)


Helen McGinn said...

Oh, me too Judy, me too. Ever since you mentioned those waffles on my blog, I've been thinking about them. The extra 14 pounds that is looking to leave is telling me 'no'! I'm sure I'll find a way... ;O)

sheeza said...

wow pictures are fantastic.
so beautiful !!!!!!!

Agnes said...

Great pictures :-)

Is it still cold there, Judy? The last few days have been lovely down here...