Thursday, January 28, 2010


Tasha-my Tortoiseshell cat-Tortoiseshell are females, and their temperaments are that
of a 2 year toddler!

Tasha-She was born 04/15/98-if only I could use her as a tax exemption!Along with her sister China Doll, they're my second oldest cats.  They'll be twelve this year.
China Doll-Tasha's sister

Another shot of China Doll

You ever think about how you gain your pets?  The above two I acquired when I lived in Oklahoma.  I had sort of rescued their grandmother.  It was a cold winter in 1997.  I had noticed a cat in the parking lot of the apartments where I lived.  She wouldn't let me pet her, but she would eat the food I left out.  I placed a big box, after I cut a door in one end, with the open end toward the floor on top of a towel. It was windy, snowing and cold.  I looked out on the porch once and saw her with her head inside the box with her tail sticking out the makeshift door! (Go figure as to why she wouldn't go all the way into the box!).  She stayed with me until she had her babies, three of them, Mandy, Mindy and Sheba.  Once they were weaned, she left.  I brought her babies back with me to Alabama.  Mindy managed to slip out the door before I had her fixed, giving me Tasha and China Doll.  I moved into the country side, allowing the cats to run free.  Unfortunately something happened to Mindy and Sheba.  When I moved back to town, I stopped allowing the cats outside. They have enough room to roam around and don't seem to miss going out. My vet said it's better for them to stay inside.  That way, owls, hawks and dogs can't hurt them.

They have their own personality, just like children.  Tasha loves to fetch (yes, cats will fetch).  You know the small clear plastic caps on spray pump hairspray bottles?  I'll throw that and she'll fetch it and bring back for me to throw again.  One night I thought I'd see how long she would play that game, fifteen minutes! I stopped before she was ready to quit playing.  I also have toys for her, she loves to pretend she's hunted and caught one of them, I can hear her from another room, she will start meowing as she finds me and drops her prize catch where I can see it.  She has trained me so that I know when she drops the prize, she expects me to praise her and clap my hands, letting her know I appreciate what she's done.  She's also my watchcat! If she hears and unexpected noise or she sees something unusual out the window, she has this growl that comes up her throat.  Of course, once she lets me know there might be danger, she heads for the bedroom and races under the bed.  Hey after all, she's small and feels alerting me ends her job!

Now China Doll on the other hand loves to lay around and sleep.  She will occasionally show her presence and allow me to pet her.  She loves to be held!  She also likes to be praised for catching a prize.  But while Tasha makes the hunt into a game, pouncing and batting the object, China will see a toy, lazily smack it once, pick it up with her mouth and bring it to me, alerting me with her special meow, also.  It's so funny, sometimes she'll be walking along and pass by the object, and then as an afterthought, stop, look as though she thinks, "ahh, I might get attention here", picks it up and brings it to me.

What kind of pets do you have?


Diana said...

Enjoyed a first visit.

We are down to one fish! Of course, hubs has cows for a hobby. Oh yeah, we have a donkey, too!!

Judy Harper said...

Diana-my granddaughter loves fish. She has several of those fish that come in a bowl at the bottom of a plant. Can't for the life of me think of the name! Thanks for stopping by!

Agnes said...

Judy, I love love love cats. Like you said, they all have different personalities. Your kitties are beautiful.
Right now, I only have Smokey. And I keep him inside...

Mattenylou said...

Aren't our pets wonderful company? They keep me from talking to myself, too. I have two cats and a dog, each unique in behavior, but I love them all!

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

I don't have any pets, but I have a brother, and he's animal enough.

Interesting about your cat fetching. Don't think I've ever seen a cat play fetch - at least not over and over like that. Cat thinx she's a dog. Ha!

~ Stephen

Anonymous said...

What wonderful cats you have. That's so neat Tasha plays fetch!

We had a cat but had to give it away about 2 months ago because my son seemed to be allergic and even though we had the cat for 6 years my husband's cat allergies suddenly were terrible.

We also had our dog, Avery. You read about him. Ugh, it's so lonely around our house without any pets but I think it's best for us right now.

Enjoy your cuddley kitties! They really are beautiful.