Friday, January 22, 2010

It's Promote another Blog Friday!

Look at that grin!

The only girl on the team!

It's Friday, a day where I want to promote other blogs.  So here are a few to check out:

2 Wired 2 Tired, She's trying out products as well as posting about her family.

Agnes's Pages, Today's post will tell you something about how a young woman who has traveled all over the world spent the last year coping with an illness that affected her husband, yet also pulled the best out of her. A beautiful love story.

Change of Heart Stress Solutions, today she's talking about mood food!

My Voice My View, is talking about sensitivity in her family.

Jules, I love what Jules says in her "About Me" part of her blog.."I've been married to my best friend for 27 years." Jules writes about her family, which is about to increase by one.

Gaelikaa writes about what it's like being an Irish Lass married to someone from India and now living there and raising her children.  Where West meets East.

Gifts of the Journey, What's it like for a woman from Georgia, married to an Englishman and living in England.  She uses her own photographs and insights!

Stephen McCarthy, and don't forget about his posts. I should go over and see what he's talking about today. Don't be fooled by the bravado, he's really trying to get a message out!


Agnes said...

Love the photos Judy :-)

Thank you for your kind words about me (blush)...

I'll check out the other blogs for sure.

Have an awesome weekend Judy.

Dori said...

I love your list :) I love reading Agnes' blog and I enjoy Gifts of the Journey too {I can totally relate to her journey :) }

Have a great weekend!

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Hey, thanks for the free commercial, Judy!

That's very perceptive of you to notice that I'm "trying to get a message out." But to tell you the truth, sometimes even I forget what that message is, lost as it gets in the alcoholic fumes of a hangover haze.

There are times that I hit "Post" and then sit back, read the rambling, and axe myself: "What was it I meant to say again?"

Oh well. Hopefully you'll always be there to remind me of what "the message" is.

I think it had something to do with "God Is Love", or something along those lines. Maybe another martini will clear my mind. ;o)

Judy, I hope you're feeling considerably better today.

~ "Lonesome Dogg" McMe

Mighty M said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Judy Harper said...

Agnes-You're quite welcome. You have a great weekend also!

Dori-Thanks Dori! You have a great blog also!

Stephen-You're welcome Stephen! I think you're doing good with your message, though I would like to see some information on you, the real you!

M-Hope you have a great weekend too!

Marianna said...

Judy - such a surprise to find my name listed here.

What a lift, this wet Sat. Thanks!

giftsofthejourney said...

Thanks so much for including me in your blog list, Judy. I just noticed it and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you thinking of me here. Hope you're having a good weekend.

giftsofthejourney said...

I'm a bit scattered lately and forgot to mention how Dori's blog was one of the first expat blogs I read here and she's a Georgia girl too. I'll have to check out the others, but I'm sure I'll enjoy those as well.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

>>[I think you're doing good with your message, though I would like to see some information on you, the real you!]<<

Ha! Judy, your wish is my command.
It's the least I could do considering how you have plugged my Blog a couple of times. (And thanks again for that!)

Well, how about this then: I'll collect a bunch of interview questions from a variety of sources (and maybe even make up a few of my own) and I'll post a sort of pseudo-interview with myself on "Stuffs."

It would probably be better, however, if there were a few "real" questions, so... off the top of your head, do you have any questions you'd want to axe me? I promise to take them seriously. (That'll be hard for me, but "I think I can, I think I can...") I also promise to post this in the not too distant future if YOU'RE serious about your request.

~ "Lonesome Dogg" Stephen (...Who Thinks He Can)

Too Tired Tesa said...

Thanks for the promotion! Love the baseball picture, very cute.