Sunday, November 22, 2009


Today, our church choir presented the musical "Hymns of the Ages".  It was beautiful!  Such a Thanksgiving message! My Mom came up yesterday evening to spend the night and go to church with me.  Unfortunately, she tripped on the driveway and fell.  Hit the side of her face, mashed her glasses against her eye.  Scraped the tips of her fingers pretty bad.  Hurt one of her hands, she's on Cumadin, the blood thinner, I thought we were never going to get the bleeding to stop.  When she got up this morning, she had a red/blue left eye where her glasses hit.  She was too embarrassed to go.  I told her she should go, we'd put a sign on her back "My daughter didn't give me this black eye, I fell!"  lol  When she went home at two, she was feeling better, I thought until then I might have to take her to the emergency room for her hand.  But she finally was able to bend and move without pain.  Hope everyone had a great day!

Mom at age 15, 1946

Age 16 on her wedding day, 1947

 Me, Dad & Mom 1950

Sneaking up on her great grandson Sean with a water gun

He turned, she brought her water gun up to aim

The water battle is on! Looks like Mammaw is ahead!


Agnes said...

Oh Judy, I hope she's all right!
I really love these pictures, by the way.

Jules said...

I love the old photos. They are always my favorite.

sheeza said...

your mom wa so cute when she was a girl. and i ll really she get well soon.

such a memorable pictures you have no doubht.

sheeza said...

your mom wa so cute when she was a girl. and i ll really she get well soon.

such a memorable pictures you have no doubht.

Colleen @ MuralMaker&More said...

Hi, Judy. Stopping by from SITS. Know what you mean about the mommy blogs. I'm a grandma - could post all day about grandson - but trying to find more things.
Love your canvas rug. Do you paint other things? I've done a few floorcloths, but no pics :(.

Judy Harper said...

Agnes, Jules & Sheeza-I love old pictures too. When I look at them I see a frame in time and it's like I can make up a story as to what was happening. Thanks for your concerns!

Debbie said...

I am so sorry your mom fell. My mom fell right in front of me one time and I just felt terrible that I couldn't prevent it. I'm glad your mom is feeling better.

Mighty M said...

Hope your mom heals up quickly! Love that she is having a water gun fight!!

Anonymous said...

That's a great looking deckand backyard. My kids would love to run around in a yard like that.

Helene said...

Sorry to hear your mom fell...hope she recovers quickly!

She sounds like she's so much fun! My grandmother is 93 and still such a spitfire!!

Mattenylou said...

Judy, Hope your Mom is mending well. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Your mother is indeed a beautiful lady. I enjoyed reading this post, the pics et al. and will surely come back for more.