Wednesday, October 28, 2009

JUST ABOUT TODAY IN MY LIFE-Perfect Birthday Card!

I have a friend that if I call her or she calls me, really doesn't matter, within five minutes of the conversation, we end up talking about her.  She might ask me a question, yet I am never able to give a complete answer to her question as she will jump on my sentence and bring the conversation back to her.  I told my daughter, Jennifer, about this and that sometimes I just wanted to sing Toby Keith's song, you know the one that has words similar to "We always talk about you! you! you!, but sometimes I want to talk about me! me! me!". That one.  I just haven't been brave enough to interrupt her and sing it.

Last Wednesday, October the 21st, was my birthday.  Jennifer sent me the most perfect birthday card.  I've posted the picture below:

Is this not the perfect Birthday card? I have the best daughter ever!

Jennifer, my daughter

Shelby,gdaughter, Sean ,gson & Jennifer

Julie,gdaughter, Sean(on horse)gson & Shelby, gdaughter

Julie takes the most wonderful pictures.  I'm going to do a post and show some of her paintings and pictures.  I have one that is priceless of all four of the grandkids.

But as I was saying, the card had to be the most perfect card ever! Have you ever received the perfect card, it doesn't have to be a birthday card, it could be for Mother's day or some other celebration?


gaelikaa said...

Lovely post! And...belated birthday greetings Judy! Hope you had a lovely time!

Agnes said...


Ha-ha, nice card, very funny.
Nice pictures, Judy, very nice family.

Aleta said...

Happy belated birthday!!!

Ohh noooo.. you put that song in my head now! It is a funny one though.

My Mom has a sibling like that. I know she's on the phone with that particular sister, when I hear Mom say, "Yes... but... I.... Wh.....Who....." And then she gives up and just listens. She can never get a word in. Hehe

Mighty M said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday - that is a great card! I have received many wonderful cards, and I have a bad habit of keeping them all too!! So it will be fun to go back and look at them all again someday. ;-)

Debbie said...

That is a great card!
Sometimes I truly worry I am about me, me, me.

drala625 said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! and Happy Halloween.

sheeza said...

till now i never receive the perfect card or a word hope in near future i ll.

nice post

arlee bird said...

I have a friend like that. We've been good friends for over 40 years so I just know hearing about him is what to expect when I talk to him (once every month or two). He's a singer-songwriter -- I'd ask him to work up that song, but since he didn't write it and it wasn't his idea to work it up I doubt whether he'd do it. I think that sometimes a friend is someone with whom you come to know what to expect and just appreciate it for what it is.
Belated Happy Birthday to you.