Thursday, August 13, 2009

The first year of being Sixty-contd

There were other positive results, besides being able to walk, such as having my daughter and grand kids come from Oklahoma and stay with me two weeks. I thoroughly enjoyed having them around. Even with all that child energy popping about! They reached that age where they can sit and talk a while.

Jennifer, my daughter, is my best friend. I'm worried about her though. She's having problems with my son-in-law, which makes me concerned with her handling the stress. But I digress, she's a great cook, much better than me; truth be told, I hate cooking, I can, but it's not up there with things I really enjoy doing. When she was growing up, I had to work full time, it was just her and me,so we ate a lot of canned and frozen foods, rarely did we have cooked from scratch meals. Since she does love to cook, the two weeks she was taking care of me while I recouped from the knee surgery, I had Delicious meals! She made this Mandarin orange and pecan salad that was to die for!

She, Shelby and Sean arrived on Sunday the 22nd of December after I had the surgery on the 17th. They were able to stay until January 3rd. One of Jennifer's many good points is that she's a caregiver.

Gotta run, lunch time is over!

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